Friday, September 2, 2022

Lucky Star

 Recent Snaps

A very low tide revealed a Star Fish.
After walking the waterfront for 2 years, this is my first
time to see a Star Fish in Elliott Bay.
("star-shaped echinoderm" for you scientists!)

I enjoy seeing the Kingfisher.
A member of the Alcedinidae family.

Click on images for LARGER view.

I like these "multi-story" tug boats.
How about a ride in the top "lookout".

I like the big sailboat but the container ship is what caught
my eye. Brand new ship with new containers. Next photo is
a little closer look. Notice who has decided to take their
own action to speed up the supply chain!

Walmart has entered the global shipping business.

Gull on driftwood.

Need help on ID ...
I believe it's a Cooper's Hawk, perched
on a sign post, near Pier 90. August 20th 6:58AM.
Hawks are common in this area but I don't see them often.
The photo is quite a bit zoomed-in.
It delighted me to get a pic of this bird!

Check out Saturday's Critters for more lots more critters!

I just never know what I'll see on my walks. Surprised to
see this so early in the morning, but guessing they wanted
to get the photo shoot done before the crowds arrived.

Not sure ... maybe this would be a good desktop background?
Can you tell it rained the night before?
Tall grass.

A good view of Mt Rainier.
When shadows are right, I can almost see a face in the
top of the mountain, looking up to the sky. Do you see it?

I've just recently started to see ONE Container Ships.
This ship is departing the Port on August 15th
Ocean Network Express (ONE) online

Got a kick out of seeing this guy fishing from his
Kayak. I hope he is a good swimmer. Yes, this was my
first time to see someone fishing from a Kayak in Elliott Bay.

Snapped this from home on August 14th, late afternoon.
Two things about this photo:
1. Cleaning out a Bulk Carrier creates A LOT of DUST.
2. Mid-August -- almost all snow gone from Olympic
Mountains in the distance. A very warm summer!

More people having fun!
August 27th about 9 AM
I'll bet the water is COLD, even with a WARM summer! 😊

I liked the name of this ship. You'll have to zoom in to 
see it ... MAMA SARA

The way the sunlight was catching this Morning Glory
caught my eye.

I've just finished my walk, it's just past sunrise, and 
I couldn't pass up this sky shot.
August 31st

Today's sunset ... September 2, 2022  7:37PM
Looking a little north of due west, the Olympic Mountains
in the distance. Lots of haze, a bit of wildfire smoke, and clouds.

Visit to MOHAI

Seattle's Museum of History and Industry

Since my last post I passed a day that definitely puts me in the company of those with quite a bit of personal history. Appropriately, a very good friend suggested we celebrate with a visit to MOHAI ... Seattle's Museum of History and Industry. The place is fascinating, especially for one who loves ships and trains. If you love history, this is a museum you should see!

Closing thought …

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
       Margaret Mead


  1. All wonderful shots, but I especially love the Morning glory!! Thanks so much for sharing ~

  2. Hello John,
    Wonderful photos, I love the star fish, the Kingfisher capture is awesome. I believe you are correct on the Cooper's hawk id. Beautiful views of Mt Rainer and all the ships. The Sunset shot is lovely. Take care, enjoy your weekend.

    1. PS, thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a great day!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, especially the firsts. The face in Mt. rainier is fascinating. Guess it is snow covered for most of the year! The people swimming do look cold while the fancy dresses look out of place. Perfect time of day for photography there though.

    The light in the photos is beautiful! You captured a photographer’s dream for lighting.

  4. Tricky quote from Margaret Mead. Nice closing with a sunset.

  5. Hello John, :=) I'm going to start my comment with the Cooper's Hawk, which is a raptor I have never seen, except virtually. You say you were delighted to see it, and so am I. The Kingfisher, and Starfish were other great finds. The brightly colours water vessels are always interesting to see, even the Kayak. I wonder if the man caught any fish! I can,see a face on Mt Rainier, and it's a beautiful clear image of the mountain.Lovely white flower shot, and the image of the clouds which seem to be racing across the sky, is brilliant, and the sunsets are beautiful. I enjoyed your post very much, and the quote, which made me smile.
    Enjoy your weekend
    All the best.

  6. The starfish is quite a neat sighting. I know you were happy you took a good look and knew what it was. Love the red container ship and those pretty ladies in fancy gowns. Such a fun always!

  7. Love the tugboat and the morning glory is beautiful.

  8. Hello John
    A great collection of photographs here.
    I particularly like the Star Fish, and the morning glory is fabulous.

    Looking out from my kitchen window today I could see a squirrel climbing the tree in search of acorns, he did find some and enjoyed nibbling them - needless to say the washing up took a little longer than usual as my eyes were on the squirrel and tree :)

    Enjoy your weekend and have a good September.

    All the best Jan

  9. There is so much to see and photograph on your daily morning walks, John; everything from a Cooper Hawk to girls in fancy dresses. Like others, I especially liked your Morning Glory photo, which has captured its beauty so well. You are thoughtful to continue to provide this oasis of beauty and sanity for your readers!

  10. Me encanta la vista del monte Rainer y las aves. Te mando un beso.

  11. Another great set of images. The August 31st sky is my favorite!

  12. Very good collection of photographs. I am your new follower. Greetings from Miami, FL.

  13. John, I like to see all your photos. So varied and beautiful photo subjects. Those ladies in their pretty dresses, the imposing mountain, the kayaker fishing. I've enjoyed it. Your environment is worth it. Have you ever visited a European country?

  14. Happy Belated BD from another blogger with (I bet) even more personal history. As always, I enjoyed your wonderful walk along the Bay. So many beautiful and interesting sightings. Wow, no snow on the mountain -- it has really been too hot.

  15. Te mando un beso y buen fin de semana.


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