Friday, October 26, 2012

This Week's Double Rainbow and More Fall Colors

John says:

Sometime Tuesday afternoon I realized it was time for my 15-minute break and slipped into the large recliner in John's Island Headquarters Office.  A gentle rain was tapping on the window.  Hopefully the ensuing snoring sounds were not disturbing to adjoining offices.  Seemingly not too much later, a bright stream of light blazed into the office strong enough to awaken a sleeping giant.  Of course the sun had broken through the clouds but it was still raining lightly.  Realizing this should be the perfect combination for a nice rainbow, I grabbed the camera and proceeded to the Observation Deck. That is where I snapped the photo (above) of the double rainbow.  I thought it was interesting to note that the sky between the rainbows looks somewhat darker than the rest of the sky ... is that due to the camera (exposure, etc.) or did it really look that way?  Next time I see a double rainbow I will try to notice.  Anyway, the rain, the sun's brightness, and the angle all need to be just perfect for a strong double.

More Fall Colors around the Seattle area:

A simple scene at Green Lake

Roadside color

A neighborhood tree

Trailside glory
Skywatch Friday

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  1. that double rainbow is WONDERFUL! it must have something to do with the refracted light that makes the middle look so much darker.

  2. you know, you could link in to skywatch friday with this at


  3. The rainbow is really beautiful. Great shot.

  4. amazing! the rainbows are superb, and those coloured trees - a wonder!

  5. Very cool! I posted the very same well maybe we saw ours a little later in the day. But still cool. MB

  6. Glad the sleeping giant awoke to capture the gorgeous double rainbow.

  7. Love the double rainbow! I have seen only one my entire life, and couldn't take a pic, because I was at an intersection stoplight. Great captures, John:)

  8. That double rainbow is gorgeous. I guess next time I see one I will look for that darker sky between the rainbow. I love all the other pictures as well There is just so much beauty all around our world.

  9. Magical capture of the double rainbow, John! I have never seen one in person before so it's especially wonderful to view your magnificent image. Oh what a glorious sight! Stunning autumn foliage captures, as well! The last few weeks have been especially windy here in Chicago, so most of the colorful leaves have fallen to the ground. Seattle looks like a lovely place to be during the autumn season.

    Also, sending gratitude your way for the especially lovely remarks you left on my blog. You are a very generous, warmhearted man!


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