Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Friday, February 8, 2013

Early February Skies

Before we get into today's photos John just wants to say Thank You to all who follow us and especially those who leave us the kind comments. John reads each one and, although he does not always reply, he does appreciate each comment.

We are moving through winter rapidly and see that there is a big storm forecast for our friends back in the eastern part of the US. We wish you the best ... take care and stay warm!  Here in Seattle, we had an unusually dry January and we have not yet experienced big snow.  We have plenty of time left for that, however.

In early February, John has continued his daily walks around Green Lake, about 3 miles, and that provides many photo opportunities.  Within the last few days, while on one of those walks, he stopped for a short break at a lakeside bench.  The view is shown below. We like the way the light and clouds play on the water.

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This morning, Friday, February 8th, we had a fairly typical sunrise in Seattle. Some photos below will show you the sky as seen from John's Island Headquarters.

Early dawn, looking to the southwest.

Looking more to the west, as Two Union Tower reflects the
brighter sky in the east.

Sunrise as seen in Two Union Tower.

A bit closer.
And yet closer.

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A special hello and thank you to Alan, of Yogi's Den for taking over hosting of Skywatch Friday.

Thanks for stopping by John's Island and have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely, worth getting up before the sun.

  2. lovely skies city and serene...

  3. love the reflections on the buildings and the skies!

  4. Wonderful reflections for the day and definitely worth getting up early!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  5. Hi John!! Happy Friday!
    I really like how you captured the sunrise reflected in the buildings!
    Hope you have a Great weekend!

  6. Love the fold reflection in the skyscraper! Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful scenes. Even a high building can show beauty when lit up by the beauty of the sun.

  8. Love the early morning photos of Seattle and the sun shining on the buildings.

  9. Fantastic photography ~ Great reflections!

    Carol of (A Creative Harbor)

    visiting from Weekend Reflections

  10. Love your shots! I'm guessing John's Island must be Bainbridge, no? I spend most of my time in Gig Harbor and Tacoma when I'm in the states. Love your area of the world.

  11. I'm sitting here at SeaTac waiting for the shuttle to take me home to Bellingham. Yes it was sunny and warm, but it just wasn't home. I love Washington, too, John! Thanks for the great pictures. :-)

  12. The relfection of the sun on this building is amazing !

  13. Not familiar with Seattle area, but John's island is obviously somewhere near the city, and the lake is delightful to offer such a wild walk.

  14. Beautiful photos. I especially like the photo of the lake and the first two photos of the night lights in the skyscrapers against the colourful, dramatic sky.