Friday, February 1, 2013

Dahlias! [Part 6] and more


From the archives ...

A Puget Sound Sunset

For more photos that celebrate a beautiful sky check out Skywatch Friday.


We like the reflection photos and enjoy putting some here on the Island.  A few days ago we were visiting family in Texas and had an opportunity to take some early morning walks.  The temperatures were mild, the humidity was high, and the dew was plentiful.  We happened to notice a spider's web between two vertical rails in a metal fence.

"The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web" --- Edwin Way Teale

Enjoy more reflection photos at Weekend Reflections

Dahlias! The 6th and last part for a while.

We started our January feature (dahlias from last summer) on January 3rd.   This post will wrap up our dahlia feature for a while. Our earlier posts started with flowers blooming mid-August and the photos below are all "late season" ... during those months (September and October) we visited the Puget Sound Dahlia Association's garden (in Volunteer Park, Seattle, WA) frequently, always snapping a bunch of photos.  Here are 37 more we hope you will enjoy.  Thanks for stopping by John's Island.  By the way, I numbered each of the pictures so that you may refer to them specifically if you wish to comment.  And, I would love to know which one is your favorite!  Thanks in advance!







































  1. Oh, the flowers are lovely John..... and the sunset just takes my breath away! WOWZA!
    Sparkly webs have a spot reserved in my heart as well :)

  2. J adore la premiere photo,vraiment superbe !

  3. The flowers are beautiful indeed, John! I love the colors!! Such an awesome sunset -- par for the Sound!! And the spider web is awesome!! Such a variety of wonderful captures for the day! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. With a wink it's gone to pink!

  5. Very nice photos of the sky and flowers. Makes me long for spring.

  6. Incredible series of flower shots... Well done!!

  7. Your sunset is amazing ! It's composition works for the WE reflection contest too... I like the spider web too : so delicate and so poetical, with all this water... Your Dahlias are gorgeous, well done !

  8. My favorite flowers are 4 and 26. My favorite photo is the spider web ;)

  9. My favourite is numbers 1-37.:)
    You can't expect me to pick just one favourite from these.All are gorgeous,including the spider web.WOW!

  10. John your dahlias truly have us fascinated. We have to take the tubers out of the ground you? Also, are they deer resistant? we have a few deer living in our woods, and have to fence off all but the lavender. You must be excited to get back into gardening. Exactly when will your gardening season start? We usually plant around Memorial Day.

  11. Thank you for your lovely message and for the follow. I'm following you back! It's great to know you're my neighbour to the south. You no doubt understand well the number of gray days we get. Have a wonderful week!

  12. Terrific, John. You are spoiled with your flowers there (compared to our short growing season here in Saskatchewan). What an amazing variety of colour and form with these flowers. And they're huge too. Very nice studies of the gorgeous dahlias.

    That's an excellent spider web shot, too. I like the lake vista as background behind the web.


  13. John,
    the first time I see such a large collection of flowers.
    Great colors, shapes, types.
    I love your flowers.
    They are very beautiful ...
    I send greetings.


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