Friday, July 19, 2013

Visit to 73

76-story Columbia Center
Seattle, WA, USA
The 2nd tallest building on the West Coast has remodeled its observation area and now calls it Sky View.  It's on the 73rd floor of the 76-story Columbia Center in downtown Seattle. John went up to take a look on Wednesday, July 17, 2013, and here are a few snaps.

Looking north on a somewhat hazy day.

Looking south over a portion of the Port of Seattle.

Need any evidence of where Americans like to spend their money?
CenturyLink Field is home to NFL Seahawks.
In lower right -- highrise condos/apts under construction
 may be just
what a football fan is looking for.

The 38-story Smith Tower.
Built in 1914 and tallest building on West Coast
until Space Needle replaced it in 1962.
Now we look down on it from 73.
Will visit again on a clear day to see how Mt. Rainier looks.

Dahlia Update

Snaps this week at Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden ...

Blooms are happening on many of the dahlias.
(Don't miss last week's post on first bloom!)

Alpen Matthew ... one of John's favorites.

Kenora Wow ... featured last week ...  

Ummmm ...  good ...


Friday, July 19, 2013, sunrise reflected in One Union Tower
Official sunrise time = 05:32
and window washers already at work on
building to the left!
Must have been a nice sunrise from
up there!
This week started with a really warm, clear day on Monday.  During the middle of the week, some spots had a drop of rain, and clouds provided some cooler temps.  Friday looking like another mostly sunny, warm day.  Pretty typical weather for mid-summer in Seattle.

Check out more SkyWatch pics at SkyWatch Friday.  

Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. like that last shot! beautiful blooms and high, high, high views!

  2. nice sunrise light you've captured here.

  3. Oh my...that is dizzying heights but love the The Dahlias are each stunning...number one is my favorite.

  4. Wow! You capture such beauty,even in the buildings.Of course I am partial to the flowers,but really enjoy seeing the world through your eyes

  5. Oh, so that is where the Cowboys go to beat the Seahawks? (I know, I know, the Seahawks pound the Cowboys a lot the few times they play, but I couldn't resist). We went to Seattle last summer for our vacation and loved it. A great city in many respects but a great sports town also.


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