Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Let's Fly in July

Caught in flight ... the blue heron at Green Lake
July 1, 2013
Earlier, the heron at rest.  Perhaps considering flight?
Group float on a summer morning.
Green Lake, Seattle, Washington.
Young ones scampering.
No flight here, except perhaps John's fancy.
Hummer in flight ... breakfast time ...
Right, it isn't in perfect focus, but ... don't you love the wings
in motion?  Look carefully at the wings to our left ... see
the shadow of the flower?  And the hummer's neck
feathers seem iridescent!
Thank you for stopping by John's Island and your kind comments!  Hope everyone's summer is getting off to a good start.  


  1. these are lovely! really like the 2nd one!

  2. Wonderful photo's of the birds. My camera has a delayed reaction and I have a difficult time getting lovely bird photo's like you. Photo two would be a framer for me. It is beautiful.

  3. Oh wow! That Heron is spectacular.Ok,I just love them all,even the out of focus one.Something very special about those delicate looking wings.

  4. Great pictures! I am such a fan of hummingbirds. And I'll join in the chorus about how wonderful the second picture is. :-)

  5. John, a most lovely series of photographs! The top three are so very serene and I just love the little scampering geese. There is such movement depicted even though the water is calm. Glorious hummingbird shots! They really are fascinating little birds. It always a joy to stop by John's Island. Wishing you and your family a wonderful July 4th holiday!


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