Friday, February 19, 2016

Riding Black Horses [1935]

From our collection, a Dining Car Menu from 1935 ...

Riding Black Horses -- Blackfeet Brave
The "Empire Builder" was the Great Northern Railroad's
premier transcontinental passenger train.

Signed by Winold Reiss
in the lower left of the artwork.

Full interior of the menu.
Be sure to click on image for larger view.

Full breakfast for less than a dollar.

Hot Breads and Pies are baked on this car daily.

Some Culinary Secrets and a place to send a Message
to a Friend


  1. I always love to travel on trains, but not many available these days! Great post for the day, John, as always!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Those prices are almost unbelievable at this time.I do try to remember that wages were also a lot lower back then.

  3. Wow that is some headdress. Wonder what it weighs.

  4. I will take some cream of wheat, but will pass on the steamed prunes.....

  5. Trains could really serve great stuff! I missed the super days of train travel.

  6. I am always amazed by your wonderful postcard collection. Very interesting and pleasant post.
    Many greetings, happy weekend!

  7. I like sketch or painting of Riding Black Horses. It's interesting to see what was on the menu back in the day and the prices too!

  8. That was longer ago than I like to think it is, but 1935 was eighty years ago! Love the artwork especially. :-)

  9. We took an uncomfortable and late overnight ride west last summer on the Amtrac. I will say the food in the dinning car was really good though...:)

  10. Hello, I would have like to have ridden on the old passenger trains. The menu is a neat addition to your collection. Have a happy new week!

  11. Interesting. The art work is splendid.


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