Thursday, April 14, 2016

April Blooms - Part 2 and MORE

In our last post we shared some April blooms around the neighborhood and have few more to share today. Photos were taken on walks last Saturday and/or Sunday. Beyond that, be sure to see the Maritime Update.

Blooms ...

Maritime Update ...

Did we need to tell you John loves all kinds of ships?  All photos within the last week ...

A Foss tug heading our way from the middle of the bay.
In the background:  A Washington State Ferry
and a tiny sailboat way back there.

Brand new tug ... interesting design.
Possibly on sea trials?
Tina Pyne

Another view of the Tina Pyne

Artic Storm
Fishing Vessel

Northern Eagle
Fishing Vessel
Seattle is Home Port for American Seafood Company

Fishing Vessel
Docked at Pier 90
Washington State Ferry Spokane
The Brothers, Olympic Mountains, in background.
This pic taken from Edmonds, Washington
The Washington State Ferry system is largest in the USA
and fourth largest in the world.

U.S. Coast Guard Sycamore
Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Hello John, lovely flowers and images. I have always like tug boats, since I was little. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. purdy blooms; any shots on water are cool :)

  3. Really lovely photos of the spring blooms and the sight of boats on that blue sea are great!

  4. Yes, John, I knew you love all kinds of boats, and anything to do with Yellowstone, too. Thanks for the cool pictures. :-)

  5. I'll say the tug has a different design. Blooms seem to be at a peak. Very colorful.

  6. John,you do know how to put together a beautiful [post.The flowers are stunning.Because I live on the prairies,the ships are so interesting to me as well.

  7. Beautiful blooms and spectacular boats :) have a great weekend sir!!

  8. you definitely live in the right place for ship-watching. :)


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