Monday, August 15, 2016

HMCS Saskatoon

From our journal ...

We took advantage of Seafair Fleet Week to tour ships in harbor for the event. In this post we'll share a few photos taken as we toured HMCS Saskatoon. We appreciate the Canadians' participation in Seafair and looked forward to stepping onto Canadian soil, so-to-speak, right here in Seattle. Fleet week was August 2nd through 7th.  Seafair is an annual tradition in Seattle and includes a big parade, ship tours, and hydroplane races on Lake Washington.

Royal Canadian Navy: HMCS Saskatoon
Kingston-Class Coastal Defense Vessel
Docked at Pier 69 Seattle
August 3, 2016

Going aboard for tour of the ship.
The ship is a part of Seafair Fleet Week 2016

View from bow.

Inside Bridge

Navigation System

Used for training purposes.
(This is definitely NOT John)

Flag storage.
Flags are still an important part of
naval operations.

Info on HMCS Saskatoon from Fleet Week Guide.
From our collection ...

Since we visited a Canadian ship we thought we might as well share another page from the Canadian calendar we featured in our post for Canada Day on July 1, 2016. This 1977 publication by Texas Refinery Corp was to honor Canada and it so happens that the days of 1977 were aligned just like 2016. The August pages featured a photo of a wheat farm.

Texas Refinery 1977
More from the Journal ...

Snapped on walks ...

Artist at work!
August 11th

Too red to pass up!
August 11th

New way to tour the waterfront!
August 3rd

Ships ...

Most of our ship photos are taken from home looking out over Puget Sound ...

M O L Partner
Container Ship
August 10, 9:12 AM

Matson Container Ship
August 5, 10:50 AM
China Shipping Line Container Ship
Can you imagine the SIZE of the letters on the ship's side?
August 9, 5:32 PM

Alaska Marine Tug and Barge
August 14, 8:21 AM
Fog on the Sound is not unusual on summer mornings
and normally burns off in an hour or two.
UASC UMM QASR - Container Ship
Heads into a fog bank this morning, August 15th
No worries ... they have radar!

Holland America MS Maasdam
at Pier 91 today.
Sails later for Alaska ...
A charter cruise for Prairie Home Companion fans.

August skies ...

August 7, 6:52 AM
Note the low clouds in distant valley.

August 13, 8:13 PM
Just before sunset.

August 13, 8:20 PM
We liked the contrail!

August 12, 8:11 PM
Sun setting into a narrow band of clouds to the west.
We expected color ... but got more than expected ... see last photo!

August 12, 8:14 PM

August 12, 8:48 PM


  1. Where to begin? This post starts out with the interesting scenes from onboard ship.The harvest,calendar scene is what I can see on any given day right now,but is always beautiful.Of course the rose,the colourful sunset and others are just so enjoyable to scroll through.Thanks for sharing each of these photos.

  2. I think you are having way too much fun taking pictures, John. I cannot decide which I like best, but that last sunset one is right up there! Thanks for your wonderful blog. :-)

  3. Enjoyed seeing the HMCS Saskatoon, especially the inside bridge! I was relieved to hear the poor guy used for training purposes is not you. Good sunset shots!

  4. pretty neat to tour the ship! love the skies.

  5. Great photos, John. I have to say that I can't imagine riding a Segway. Not for me! lol

  6. Thanks for the tour of the ship. : ) I'm sure I'd kill myself on a Segway. I'd rather walk. : )

  7. Being a prairie boy, I never get to see navy ships or any ships period. That's one of the reasons I like your posts.

  8. A lovely set of shots. I like the mist rolling in on the sea.

  9. Nice series, I'd love to go round a warship like that. Not sure about the Segway's in a precinct like that. You took some nice sky's this week

  10. Hello, John! Great tour of the Navy ship. I think I would rather walk than ride on a Segway. Baltimore has a similar Fleet week with various tall ships visiting this October, the ships are fun to visit. Great view of the ships and beautiful sky shots. The last sunset shot is my favorite. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  11. Hello John!:) How interesting to tour The Canadian HMCS Saskatoon Navy Ship. We get a kick out of touring the "Tall Ships" when they visit Oporto, and it's wonderful to see the highly polished decks and railings, and those beautiful masts. It must be wonderful also for you to photograph all the many ships you see from your home, and all those beautiful sunsets. Lovely photos of everything.:)

  12. a busy week with your camera.

    You definitely finished with the most beautiful shot. Very cool.

    For many years I lived a fantasy of eventually finding a WWII or Viet Nam vintage fast boat to convert to a home. The water hasn't left my soul, but I don't see myself living on the water any time soon. :)

  13. OOh those skies are very pretty!


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