Friday, August 5, 2016

Old Fashioned Time Saver [1926] and MORE

From our collection of old postcards ...

Click on image(s) for larger view.
The actual size of this card is a little bigger than usual at 7" by 4.5" ...

Good way to send an update way before Twitter.
Postmarked August 16, 1926, from West Yellowstone, Montana

Address Side of the Card
We posted a large image ... hope you can read it. Would you have ever sent a card like this?

From the Journal ...

Can you believe it's August?  The summer is flying by.  In Seattle, the big event for August is Seafair. The part we enjoy most is Fleet Week.  US Navy, Coast Guard, and Canadian ships are in port for the celebration and open for visitation. On Wednesday, August 3rd, we visited the USS Somerset.

Seattle's Seafair Fleet Week visit to USS Somerset

USS Somerset
LPD 25
Amphibious Transport Dock
overview from our neighborhood.

Welcome aboard!

Builder's Plate

Large Storage Bay
M1A1 Abrams Tank -- gives a good idea of the scale
of this area.

Aircraft on Flight Deck

The ship honors the 40 Passengers and Crew aboard
United Flight 93

Flight Deck

93 Flag
Info on the Somerset from the Fleet Week Guide

Other activities this week ...

Another stop by the Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden ...

These photos all snapped on Thursday, August 4th ...

These dahlias are in the Puget Sound Dahlia Association's garden at Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington. Don't miss our previous post about this garden on July 15th.

Please click on image(s) for larger views.

Seattle's weather so far this summer has been close to normal. Dry with warm days and cool nights. Through August 4th there have not been any days with temperatures above 90 F.

Sky pics ...

Sunset, July 27th 8:37 PM

Waxing crescent moon after sunset, August 4th 9:07 PM
Looking out over the Olympic Mountains
We will put these in the "sky" category ...

As a cruise ship departed on Tuesday, August 2nd, this plane with banner flew around the ship several times. Looks like Eddie loves Kathy a lot. :-)

Ships spotted ...

Hyundai Courage
accompanied by Crowley Tug
arriving August 4th 8:35 PM

Matson Container
Looked curious with small load of containers.
Perhaps much more below deck?
July 30th 11:07 AM

Explorer of the Seas arriving this morning, August 5th ...

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas
August 5th 5:10 AM
The Explorer is making roundtrip voyages to Alaska, once a week, all summer.


  1. I like your dalia photos. Thank you so much for sharing them here. The one with a bit yellow in it and pink is my favorite! Beautiful. Also the boats!

  2. That ship must hav ebeen huge to have a tank like that on board and look lost. I would love to have visited it. The flowers look amazing

  3. Those ships are amazing! Somehow I want to yell out, "B-4, A-12..." :-) You remember the game Battleship? Haha...ok, may not be funny.

    The flowers look like fireworks in mid-poof!

  4. The flowers are beautiful and the ships are amazing.
    I bet you could send a letter like that to my town. : )

  5. I always enjoy the postcards you share. I enjoy stationary and send my students notes on postcards all of the time.

  6. Lovely dahlias! Nice meeting you at "our" garden - you know, the one that draws all the best people!��

    1. Hi Mary, It was very nice to meet you at VP and thank you so much for your comment! Hoping you will see this so you can leave me a link to your Instagram! :-) Thanks again and take care! :-) John

  7. You have some very showy flower photos. It looks like august will be a busy month for you.

  8. A great collection of photos. the USS Somerset looks gigantic. I've never been on such a ship. The dahlias are beautiful. They are one of my favourite flowering plants to see in gardens since they have such amazing variety of petals and colours. I thought I had planted dahlia bulbs last year only to have gladiolus bloom!

  9. It's so nice to visit Seattle via your blog, rather than driving down into the awful traffic. And your dahlia pictures are simply wonderful. Yes, it's already August! How time flies. :-)

  10. Hello, the fleet week sounds wonderful. I love all the pretty blooms and the pretty sky shots. Great post and series of photos. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  11. This post is filled with fascinating and beautiful photos. I smiled as I scrolled through the ship pictures,thinking of one who would have loved seeing them.I also smiled as I scrolled through the Dahlia shots.Each one is so beautiful and so special.Thanks for triggering many memories and filling a portion of this day with beauty.

  12. Oh, that card is completely awesome!! Loved that our visitor marked "Admiring guides" as a popular pastime, and that one option for lodging (which, fortunately, I do not see underlined) was "staying in the sagebrush)! I would totally enjoy sending (or receiving) a card like that!

    Your photo of the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas looks like it could be on a cruise ship advertisement. Good shot! I also enjoyed your tour of the USS Somerset. It reminds me of an episode of Get Smart where Max was supposedly called up for duty in the Navy and served on a ship with some similar features. Awesome to see the colorful flags on deck!

  13. Hello John! Wonderful to visit with you again & see the ships in Seattle! The USS Somerset would be amazing to tour so thanks for sharing this look around.
    I truly enjoyed your beautiful shots of the dahlias. They were at the peak of perfection!
    But I think my favourite was the photo of the crescent moon! Fantastic light & color!
    Have a good week!

  14. You have been conspicuously missed, John *wink*

    Did you know you're a noreply-comment-er. Otherwise would have replied back. I had planned a trip to West Texas, but then I broke my rib, and now my 15yo Lab is doing poorly, and I just can't leave her alone all day :(

    Thanks for the note. I would love to make it back up your way some day. I used to travel to Seattle for work, but never made the time to get out and about. That was before I caught the shutter bug, too. Oh. I would make the time today.

  15. Beautiful flowers and amazing ships. Thanks John


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