Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer at the Beach

From our collection ...

Otis Hotel on the Ocean
Miami Beach, Florida
ca 1940
Does this card bring back any memories for you?  Ha ha. Some 75+ years ago the Otis Hotel would have welcomed you to Miami Beach. No, we did not stay there ... we are not THAT old. :-) It does look like a nice place though, doesn't it? This card was published back when a one cent stamp would get it delivered. Are you curious ... what does it look like today ...

Thanks to Google Street view ... 93rd and Collins is now the home of Surfside Community Center.

Back of the unused card.

Info on the Otis Hotel

From the Journal ...

Sightings from the previous few days ...

MS Regatta
Oceania Cruise Line
Capacity 824 Passengers
7 and 10 day trips to Alaska roundtrip from Seattle this summer.

Holland America Amsterdam

Three in a Row
Top ... Amsterdam
Middle ... Bulk Carrier Cerafina
Bottom ... Ruby Princess (still in the shade)

Closer look at the Amesterdam
Appx capacity 1250 Passengers
7 day roundtrip cruises to Alaska from Seattle this summer.

Really Red Hull on this Bulk Carrier
July 24th

Twinkle Island
July 26th 8:05 PM
Yes, it REALLY IS the Twinkle Island
Gets our award for "Well Named Ship"
July 27th  9:00 AM showing Twinkle Island anchored
and Alpha Happiness at the Grain Terminal
(We mentioned Alpha Happiness in our previous post)

Overview beyond the Marina
July 21st 6:44 AM
 Other recent snaps ...

Urban Lily from a walk last Saturday.
Just a volunteer in an area mostly full of "weeds".

Our favorite flag in the neighborhood.
July 17th
Hope your summer is going well. Hard for us to believe August will be here next week!


  1. As usual,I enjoy visiting your blog.I love seeing the different ships,since that is one thing I can't see on the prairies.Thanks for all your kind comments on my posts,each one is much appreciated.

  2. Google Street view is so great :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful lily!

  3. Love the Twinkle Island! What a great name!

  4. enjoyed all the photos...did you see the movie, SOMEWHERE IN TIME with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymore ? This stately olden hotel reminds me of that movie...the hotel doesn't look the same but just that back in time, hotels were so much more classy than MOTELS...:)

  5. i love the flag one most of all.

  6. The old postcards easily bring out the sounds, feel and imagination of the old hotels.

  7. Very interesting to see the difference 75 years has made in that same spot. And as always I enjoy your catalog of the ships you've seen. :-)

  8. Hello, the post card from Miami is pretty. Great captures of the ships, what an awesome view. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  9. Beautiful shot of the American flag! Also neat to see what that spot in Miami looked like then and looks like now. I think it is beautiful in both eras! Love the palm trees. I also enjoyed your photos of the boats, particularly the three boats in a row! I've finally responded to your very interesting comments on my blog--sorry for the delay. And thanks as always for being so thoughtful. Have a great weekend!

  10. I really like to see the old neat that the building is still there after all these years. Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a super day!

  11. John, not sure what happened to my comment. Must have been an error in my connection.

    I was saying how I love the colors of the Otis Hotel in the card. It's really festive looking.

    And that lily is so pretty.

    Hope all is well with you.

  12. There is so much beauty and simplicty in our world. Not to mention ships and skies and people working and living. It is hard to reconcile it with the other things happening in the world.

    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, John! It means alot.


  13. July and August are such wonderful months in Seattle. I used to live there. Miss Dahlias!

    1. Hi Kelleyn, Thanks for the comment. Wondering if you have a blog? If so, hope you will stop by again and leave a link for me. Will keep you up-to-date on the dahlias! :-)


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