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Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day 2016

Blogger Red, from Hiawatha House, reminded us that today, July 1, is Canada's 149th Birthday. Happy Canada Day to all our blogging friends in Canada! We thought we should post something to celebrate the day and scrambled through the collection to find this calendar from 1977 published by Texas Refinery Corporation in celebration of The Dominion of Canada.

Cover of the 1977 wall calendar.
Published by an Oil Products Company
Texas Refinery Corp.

Back Cover
Texas Refinery published calendars for several years in
the 1970s. A few of them ended up in our collection.

Introduction by A M Pate Jr
President and CEO of Texas Refinery
Oil Products Company
Offices in USA, Canada, Mexico, and Luxembourg
(Probably not readable at size posted but excerpts below
to give the flavor.)

Part of A M Pate's Introduction to the calendar.

July Page from the 1977 Calendar
Coincidentally, 1977 days were same as 2016!
Use this for your July calendar, if you wish!
Each calendar page had a photo from Canada.
Happy Canada day to Canadians and good weekend wishes to all.


  1. Hi John, Happy Canada Day! A great post and perfect timing for this celebration! In answer to you question we did love our Alaska Cruise on the Amsterdam. Happy Friday, enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

  2. Lovely, John. I also wish all my Canadian friends a wonderful holiday! :-)

  3. go canada! the only thing i don't like about canada is its canadian tar-sands oil that gets pumped thru our pipelines...

  4. Well, that is one cool calendar. I've never seen one like it.

  5. An interesting calendar, you don't get them from businesses any more as you did way back when.


  6. Happy Canada Day to the lovely people in Canada.
    And Happy 4th of July, America!