Friday, July 15, 2016

Dahlia Garden 2016 - First Look and MORE

This is our 4th year to report on the Dahlias of the Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden. Another season, another opportunity to photograph some beautiful dahlias. Blooms in the garden begin around the first of July. Our first visit to the garden took place this week on July 12th, and we were happy to find several fresh blooms to share with you.

Overview of one portion of the garden.
Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden
Managed by Puget Sound Dahlia Association
First bloom photo, 2016.

One of our favorites.

All of our photos in this post are processed only
to resize. We did not do any crops on these pics.

Although the sky was partly cloudy, you can see some
pretty sharp shadows on this one.

Overview of the garden looking from the north side.

Another portion of the garden, planted later, will
return some rewards in August or September.

New sign on the newer part of the garden.

One last overview.
The picnic table will be perfect when
most of the dahlias are in bloom.
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Wondering ... What is your favorite kind of flower? Could it be the dahlia?

Marine Sightings ...

Bulk carriers are not the most beautiful ships, but they get the job done.
This is the Crimson Monarch.
Portion of Elliott Bay Marina below.
July 6th, 5:54 AM

RBD Capri
At anchor beyond the Marina

Barge that caught our attention with tug connected.
We are not sure, but think it is some how related to
marine cable construction.

We like the barge with tall crane and flag flying.
A Washington State Ferry in the foreground.
Alki Point (West Seattle) in the distance.
July 6th, 9:09 AM

COSCO Oceania
July 12th, 12:25 PM

Four in a row.
At bottom: Legend Cruise ship.
Next above: Bulk Carrier at anchor.
Next above: COSCO Oceania arriving in Port.
In the distance: a Washington State Ferry
July 12th, 12:28 PM

A closer look at the COSCO Oceania
Container Vessel
July 12th, 12:33 PM
Defender Trawler Vessel
We like the exterior design.
July 13th, 4:14 PM

Dragon Bulk Carrier Vessel, at anchor,
in the wee dark hours of the morning.
July 14th, 1:43 AM

NYK Line heading northbound out of Puget Sound
with Dragon Bulk Carrier at anchor in the right
July 14th, 7:21 AM

Recent Sky Pics ...

July 10th, 11:34 PM
Just a little more than half moon.

July 10th, 7:34 PM

July 9th, 5:46 AM

July 14th, 1:42 AM
We just happened to glance out and see the big
orange moon setting. Focus is not perfect but you get the idea.
We rushed to get the camera on the tripod. :-)

Not much (if any) sky in this one, but we like the effect the sunlight
has on the flag at the point above the Marina.
July 12th, 5:48 PM


  1. Pretty but not my favourite flower, much prefer roses

  2. Hello John, the dahlia collection is just beautiful. I love seeing all the ships in the Sound. I enjoyed taking the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island a few times. Gorgeous moon captures. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love all kinds of flowers, but i think my favorite is the rose. I enjoy your collection of vessels, especially the one with four in a row. And your sky pictures are, as always, wonderful. Best to you, John. Always glad to see your "face" show up in my news feed. :-)

  4. The Dahlia garden is something special

  5. Such a nice series of photos. Glad you were able to get to the dahlia garden.

  6. The dahlia garden is just coming into prime. I rarely see dahlias here although my Mom used to grow them. so is this a week's worth of ships?

  7. Thanks for once again sharing the Dahlias.I had been waiting to see them here.As you know,I like all flowers,with roses being my favourite,BUT,I do love the Dahlias,but can't grow them.Have a great weekend.

  8. Yes indeed I love dahlias but here the adult corn root worm beetles reek havoc with the petals so I gave up trying to grow them. Yes we have cornfields all around us...:(

  9. Oh, these are lovely blooms. Nothing like a lovely flower to brighten up a day.

    The sky has been magnificent lately at night. I wish it's just always like that.

    How are you, John? :)

  10. My favorite flower is the sweet pea. But dahlias are also very nice. Especially the dark red on one of your pics!

  11. exquisite display of delightful smiles of nature my dear friend!

    it just filled my moments with enchantment:)


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