Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yellowstone Airport Dedication Cover - 1935

From our collection ...

The airport in West Yellowstone, Montana, was officially dedicated on June 22, 1935 ... just a few weeks over 81 years ago. On that day, stamp collectors liked to mail out an envelope, usually addressed to themselves, in order to get the postmark commemorating the event. The postmark here includes interesting dates around a circle, "Official Yellowstone National Park Airport."

We had to smile because the sender used an "Air Mail" envelope for local delivery. We're pretty sure that was just to get the neat effect of the design around the edge of the envelope. We also like the classic luggage stamps that were used on the back.

There is one of these for sale on eBay right now at a rather ridiculous price. We are happy to have this one in the collection and actually like it better.


  1. that's pretty cool - the airmail stamp, especially.

  2. We call them first day covers and I do collect the odd one I like and have a few signed ones which makes them really special. $65 bucks is worth it for a piece of history like that

  3. Very interesting, John. You're quite the collector! :-)

  4. You were astute in picking this up lang ago. I'll bet you'll never sell it on ebay.

  5. Oh the bear looks friendly. I also love the envelope and all the stamps ultimate snail mail : )

  6. Interesting. And the dahlias are absolutely fantastic...:)

  7. Yours does look nicer than the one on Amazon! Great first day cover! I like the neat effect of the airmail and the luggage stamps on the back.

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