Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Late June Comings and Goings

Moon going down ...

June 19th
4:18 AM
(About 24 hours before Full Strawberry Moon --
featured in our previous post)

June 19th
4:47 AM
"Excellence" Fishing Vessel
and a tug in the foreground.

Sun going down ...

June 21st
9:01 PM
At this time of year, notice where the sun is setting on your western horizon. Sunsets around these days will be as far north as the sun will go on the horizon. Now it begins to move south a little bit each day until Winter Solstice. In our photos here, we're going to mark near the water tower as the northern most sunset and, hopefully, we'll remember in December to see how far the sun goes to the south.

June 25th
9:03 PM
Ships coming in ...

June 25
4:51 AM
Norwegian Jewel

June 25
4:48 AM
CMA CGM Almaviva

June 26th
5:30 AM
Norwegian Pearl

June 22nd
6:00 AM
DS Republic Container Ship
We are surprised at the variety of container ships. There are many more than we realized before keeping an eye on traffic in and out of the Port.

June 26th
5:54 AM
Holland America Amsterdam
The Brothers, Olympic Mountains, in the distance.

June 26th
8:17 AM
Alaska Marine Tug & Barge

June 26th
7:31 AM
Cap Blanche Container Vessel
Smaller size allows it to service smaller Ports.

The usual ...

Washington State Ferry
June 25th
8:34 PM

The unusual ...

Starbound Fishing Vessel
Roped to Pier 90 ... Engine testing?
June 23rd, 10:41 AM

The fly over ...

Air Force One
June 24th
3:24 PM

3:24 PM
Yes, we are in the flight path for SEATAC
when the wind is right, or wrong, depending on
how you look at it. :-)

3:25 PM
Almost right above.
A majestic sight regardless of politics.

3:25 PM
Enroute SEATAC Airport --
about 2 minutes.

Ships going out ...

3 Vessels - 1 Photo
At anchor (bottom) - Sea Orpheus
Middle - NYK Line Vehicles Carrier
At top - Washington State Ferry
June 20th
5:16 AM

American President Lines Gwangyang Container Vessel
June 22nd
4:56 AM
Elliott Bay Marina at bottom.
While most of our photos (in this post) are taken from home, we will leave you with one more photo taken down at Pier 91 Seattle Cruise Terminal ...

Ruby Princess
June 19th
The Ruby is doing 7-day roundtrip voyages
to Alaska all summer. We see her every Sunday.
Is your summer getting off to a good start?


  1. What a fine post, John. The moon, the sun, the ships, the airplane: all wonderful pictures!
    Have a pleasant week ahead!

  2. Not sure our summer is off to a good start with rain and Britexit but I'm happy. Love the first three photos and amazed at all the ships & boats you see

  3. great post, I love your moonphotos. En all the ships. I love ships with little lights on it :-) Never seen the river at night here. Good idea.

  4. Hello John, have you been on one of the cruises to Alaska? I love the gorgeous moon shots and the views of the mountains and ships. Great collection of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  5. I too enjoyed seeing all the fine pictures of summer from your place in Seattle: moons and suns and ships and Air Force One! :-)

  6. I could do an Alaskan tour.

    (You know I love the twilight shots)

  7. John, I see by the time on the photos that you must be an early riser! I guess if you don't want to miss some ship photos you have to e up early.

  8. Beautiful pictures, especially the moon shots.

    AND Air Force One??? WOW!

  9. WOW! These are amazing sights.Love the ship with the mountains in the background.Of course Airforce
    one is pretty special.

  10. That photo of the Strawberry moon is lovely, John. Wow, I can look at that for hours and not be tired of it. Enchanting.

    Must be nice to live in a place like yours.

  11. All great pictures but the first one is my favorite. So very pretty with the reflection of the moon on the water!! Fantastic.

  12. I always enjoy seeing the ships.

  13. Oh wow! So neat to see Airforce One! Thank you for sharing your photos. Your first shot of the moon is beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing the ships. Something about water around them makes the photos relaxing.