Friday, November 11, 2016

Cracker Jack Bears - Part II [1909]

From John's old postcard collection ...

Numbers 5 - 8 of the 16 Cracker Jack Bears cards from 1909  ...

No. 5
Cracker Jack Bears  No. 5

To Coney Island, home of fun,
The faithful airship quickly spun
Once there, the people flocked
                           to buy
And "Cracker Jack"
              became the cry

No. 6

Cracker Jack Bears  No. 6

The "Cracker Jacks" to
            New York went
Their hearts were full
           of good intent,
While there they found
           each candy stand
Sold Cracker Jack
           on every hand.

No. 7

Cracker Jack Bears  No. 7

"Delighted" said our
             nation's head,
For many years your
            sweets have led
All the confections of our
Congratulations - here's my

No. 8

Cracker Jack Bears  No. 8

On ship board off Virginia's shore,
The "Cracker Jacks" have made
                      a score;
And every one at
                      Jamestown Fair,
The prize for them will
                       sure declare.

Back is the same for these cards. Here is an example ...

Back of Cracker Jack Postcards.
This one postmarked Jan 27, 1908
One cent postage!
For the full background and the first 4 cards, please see our previous post here.  We will shortly be posting Parts III and IV for the remaining cards in the series.

Linking up these bears with Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  Check it out!  And thanks, Eileen, for hosting!

One for the Weekend ...

The theme this week for Postcards for the Weekend is "Coffee/tea/pastries" and, although a part of our daily routine, not much in the collection. However, we did find this one, which, of all things, includes a bear! (not a Cracker Jack bear, as far as we know!) ...

Sleepy Time!
A postcard by Sleepytime Herb Tea
Artist:  Beth Hay, 1979

Unused card back.
Thanks to Maria for hosting! Be sure to check out others who linked up with Postcards for the Weekend here.

Recent Skies ... all photos below are taken from our deck, looking out over Elliott Bay and Puget Sound toward the west. The Olympic Mountains are in the distance.

October 28th  6:15 PM
Looking across Puget Sound
to the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

October 29th  5:32 PM

October 29th  5:42 PM

October 29th  5:56 PM

October 30th  8:32

November 3rd  5:46  PM

November 3rd  6:08 PM
"Bulk Carrier in Silhouette"
Linking up with Skywatch Friday! Check out the link for more sky photos. Thanks to Yogi for hosting!

Today is November 11th and, once again, we say Thank You to all Veterans on Veteran's Day. We featured a postcard for this day last year here.

Closing thought ... 
In all things it is better to hope than despair.
     Johann Wolfgang von Goeth

Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Cute little tea-bear. I think I've seen him on the box of tea in the store.

    I liked seeing the Cracker Jack cards too, thanks for posting more of them.

  2. What great post cards you have to show, such collectors items. Your lucky to see some wonderful sunrises. Thanks for the kind comment your welcome to use "Old Geek" I'm glad you liked the photos I still feel there is room for improvement.

  3. 'sleepy time' is very cute. perfect for winter.

    love your skies and water views.

  4. Enjoyed the continued Cracker Jack Bear series.
    Sleepy Time - perfectly named. : )
    Beautiful sky pictures.

  5. Great skies. I envy your location where you can look over the bay without anything in your line of sight. I don't think we'll leave evidence of marketing like the Crackerjack bears.

  6. You get to see so much beauty right from your home.Thanks for sharing these amazing photos.

  7. Love those Cracker Jack bears! Beautiful skies, too.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi John! Lovely sleepy time herb tea postcard. Your skywatch photos are also very nice. I'm looking forward for the next Cracker Jack postcards. Thanks for linking up. Have a nice weekend!

  10. Hope is indeed better than despair! Your sky shots are stunning.

  11. Beautiful pictures, all of them, and I love the tea bear, the postcard beings such a cosy, warm atmosphere!

  12. Hello John, I love the bear postcards. They are all cute. Beautiful sky captures. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  13. PS John, thank you for linking up your cute bears. You have a great collection. Happy weekend to you!

  14. Love, love, love the bear postcards. Each skywatch is awesome. I couldn't pick which one I like the BEST. Great post! Have a great week-end.

  15. Enjoying your Cracker Jack bears and their history, take me out to the ball game must be one of the cheeriest songs ever. After seeing those wonderful sunsets on the Puget Sound a pot of sleepytime tea might be just the thing, love the stripy cat.

  16. Those Cracker Jack postcards are so fun! I had to go back and check your first post of this series, which, apparently, I missed. I will be looking forward to your next posts on these bears!

    I think the Celestial Seasoning's sleepy time tea is the tea carton that made the most impression on me going through the tea aisle in the grocery store with my mother as a child.

    I really like the colors in the October 28th photo of the Sound and Olympic Mountains.

    And Goethe is on my list of most quotable people...he has so many good ones that I have tucked away in my quote collection. I don't think I've ran across this one before though.

  17. your cards awake the inner child in me .
    they are so adorable to look at .
    thank you for this wonderful fun series .
    i rarely seen such enchanting aspects of skies as you have here John .my eyes are stick to your mesmerizing colorful sunsets .

  18. Wow, gorgeous colors and sunset captures.

  19. Actually, the postcard could fit in a lot of themes. So many details on it!

    I also love your pictures of the skies.


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