Sunday, October 22, 2017

October's Golden Skies

Sky Watch ...

October 15th  6:15 PM

October 15th  6:19 PM
Last glimpse of the sun.

October 15th
Darkness falls over Two Brothers Mountain
Olympic Range
Lots of sky photos at Skywatch Friday and thanks, Yogi, for hosting!

October 16th  5:49 PM

October 16th  6:12 PM

October 16th  6:29 PM
As darkness falls, commuters head home to Bainbridge Island
on a Washington State Ferry

October 20th
Beams blast through clouds.

Ship Watch ...

October 17th  1:58 PM
COSCO Oceania arriving in Port

October 17th  4:50 PM
M S C Julie

October 18th  2:22 PM
Hapag Lloyd Rotterdam Express
arriving in a downpour.

Brilliant afternoon sun for Star Princess
final cruise ship  to leave Seattle - 2017 Season
October 20th  4:30 PM

Postcards for the Weekend ...

Cape Blanco Lighthouse
and State Park
on the Oregon Coast
(from our collection of vintage postcards)
Check out more neat Lighthouse postcards at Postcards for the Weekend and thanks to Maria for hosting!

Back of the unused card!

Description on back of card.
Pretty neat:  Most Westerly lighthouse in the Continental U.S.

Northwest Tea Festival 2017 ... Tenth Anniversary!

One of our favorite postcards, we've posted before.
Tea Time!
We recently attended the 2017 Northwest Tea Festival. Do you like tea? If so, you should go to one of these festivals. Just had a great time.

Upon entering the Festival they give you a cup for taste testing!
Thought this was pretty cool. 

Fall color ...

Couldn't resist including this shot of color in the neighborhood.
October 16th  2:08 PM
Closing thought ...
When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
     John Muir


  1. Beautiful skies!
    And I love the postcard of the lighthouse, the photo in itself I think a perfect composition.

    Lovely tiny cup to test tastes, too, and I indeed recognize the pretty postcard from a post some time ago.

  2. What beautiful skies. I like the tea time post card!! : )

  3. Gorgeous colors in the skyline. I am a tea drinker and recognize that scene with the bear!

  4. All these pictures are amazing, but this time my very favourite is the October 20 picture, with the sunbeams blasting through the clouds.Have a wonderful week.

  5. Great photos! I love the skies, of course, but the lighthouse is just fabulous. Thanks for the info about it, too.

  6. Skies change very rapidly as the sun sets. You were patient a got lots of good photos.

  7. Hello John, great post as always . . . I think that Tea Time postcard is the picture that they use on Sleepy Time Tea . . . I love that stuff, so relaxing on a cold winter night:)

  8. I like the Cape Blanco lighthouse postcard. The front doesn't seem so old.

  9. Hello John, gorgeous sky captures. They are all beautiful. The lighthouse is one of my favorites, I love visiting them.
    Pretty fall colors.The postcard is cute. Great series of photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

    1. PS, thank you for your visit and comment. They are appreciated, happy weekend!

  10. I oh'd and ah'd a lot with those sky shots. Just so ya know.

  11. The Tea Festival looks like it would be quite a bit of fun. Love the cup they give you for taste testing. It's always nice to see your pretty sky pictures. And it's a treat for me to see your posts pop up in my news feed. :-)

  12. Hello John, popping in to say hi and to see how you are doing. Oh lol isn't that the bear oh the tea boxes. Lol I love sleepy time tea.
    Love your tea cup. That was awesome of them to give those out. Beautiful photo of the Autumn colors.. Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed week..

  13. Hello John, I'm so happy to see new posts here in your page. Thank you for sharing this neat lighthouse postcard! Moreover, the fall colors from your neighborhood. I'm also enjoying these fall colors around my hotel. I am very lucky to come here to Washington when the trees look magical! I am wondering how I can have these same views of the mountain and the ships while I'm here in Washington. I'll try to read more about the sightseeing links you gave me and plan something for the weekend.

  14. Wonderful selection thsi week again, you captured some brilliant sunsets

  15. Wow! You posted one gorgeous sunset photo after another.
    Some of those container ships are huge!

  16. Gorgeous sunset!

    ...and love the lighthouse. :)

  17. Some beautiful October Sunsets, I will be looking out for the November Dawns as they look wonderful.

  18. Stunningly beautiful photos! I think Oct. 20 may be my fav., but so many good ones here.


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