Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ships, Fall Color, Skies, Postcards

Greetings bloggers, friends, and visitors. Here is our November update from Seattle, Washington. Thank you for stopping by and your comments are welcome!

Ship Watch

USS John C. Stennis
Northbound, November 3rd 5:47 PM
Info on USS John Stennis

One Jet on Deck
For first time visitors: Unless otherwise mentioned, all photos are our own. Most of the ship photos are taken from our vantage point overlooking Puget Sound to the west.

Ocean Phoenix returns to Seattle
This is a "factory processor" ship for seafood harvest
November 4th  8:40  AM
Info on SS Ocean Phoenix

Matson Container Ship
Arriving October 27th  9:50 AM
Matson Website

Tug and Barge
Afternoon sun sparkles the Sound
October 27th  3:58 PM

Bering Titan Tug
Gliding under the Ballard Bridge
November 1st  2:31 PM
Info on Bering Titan

Fall Color Around the Neighborhood

Sky Watch

October 28th  5:54 PM

October 28th  5:55 PM

October 28th  5:58 PM

October 29th  5:50 PM

October 29th  5:52 PM
Enjoy sky photos? Check out Skywatch Friday for more neat photos. Thanks, Yogi♪♪♪, for hosting!

October 31  6:13 PM
Most unusual color!

November 1st  5:45 PM

October 24th  6:34 PM

October 27th  6:46 PM
East and West pass
Seattle - Bainbridge Island Ferry

November 2nd  5:09 AM
Near Full Moon over Pier 91 and
Elliott Bay Marina

November 2nd  8:10 AM
A most unusual rainbow over Bainbridge Island

A Postcard for the Weekend -- Theme:  Reflections

Moonlight on the Golden Gate
Postcard from about 1939
World's Fair San Francisco, California
From our vintage postcard collection.
Enjoy postcards? Check out Postcards for the Weekend for more neat cards! Thanks, Maria, for hosting!

A Reflection on Seattle Traffic 

Slower than Seattle traffic?
My oh my!
That is so slow!
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. So many beautiful photos! The rainbow— gasp.

  2. Hello John, these photos from Seattle makes me miss your city even more! Thank you so much for sharing them and the beautiful night view of San Francisco bay.

    I hope your wife is feeling better!

  3. John,you know I enjoy seeing the ships, but the fall colors are amazing as well.Then of course there are all those beautiful sunset scenes. So much beauty in one post! Thanks for sharing each of these. have a wonderful week.

  4. Great sky photos for this time of year. You've got to be watching to catch the best photo.

  5. How delightful to visit and watch these magnificent view through your outstanding lenses John!

    i am amazed with your perfect way of capturing as photos of ships are interestingly in "fram"!

    Glorious sky you got for us !
    Each shot is CAPTIVATING!

    Remarkable colors and awesome images!

    Charming card with moon light reflection!

    LOVED these fall colors John!
    you live in beautiful surroundings ,amazing autumn enchantment!

  6. And finally you find a postcard for this week, and a very interesting one.

    I love your pictures of Autumn, too. So beautiful!

  7. Beautiful photos!
    And I like the (in the primary colours) coloured ship from under the bridge. Which makes me wonder why colourful ships are so rare, most of them being grey, white, brownish/blue?!?

    Love the full moon and rainbow (not so much bow :-) ) pictures, amazing they are!

    The reflection postcard is so special, realizing the fact that it has been taken almost 80 years ago!

    Thank you for sharing all of these beauties!

  8. I was just reading this when I saw that a new comment had been posted on my Eye blog, by you! We are connected in many ways, John. I love your beautiful sky shots especially, but it's just nice to know you're there having a good time. We've got some rain ahead, how about some pictures? :-)

  9. Hello John, your sky captures are just beautiful. Gorgeous fall colors and wonderful photos. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  10. Beautiful fall colors and magnificent skies and I love the tug boat.

  11. I especially like those night time sunset over the water...:)

  12. So many beautiful photos! The colorful Bering Tug was a great transition from boats to fall colors. Did you do that on purpose? Great post John!

  13. Great collection, love the fall leaves and all the beautiful sunsets

  14. I see you useing that cammer to good effect with the photos you took this week John. Amazing seeing that Aircraft Carrier.

  15. I love fall colors. It's the prettiest time for earth. So glad to see you posting again. What's up, my friend?


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