Sunday, December 3, 2017

Canon Beach - Skies - Postcards

Canon Beach, Oregon

We spent a couple of days on the Oregon Coast. Here are some pics from that trip ...

Looking South from the lodge on the beach.
Canon Beach, Oregon

Looking North from the lodge.

Iconic Haystack Rock
Yes, that's a person, below and with a yellow jacket.

View of Haystack from the beach,
looking to the North.

Way down the beach, looking North,
yes, shadow is mine. :-)
More info about Canon Beach.

Keeping the lawn clipped at the lodge
More critters to enjoy at Saturday's Critters. Thanks to Eileen for hosting.

This guy wasn't afraid at all!

Looking South along the beach from Ecola State Park

From Ecola State Park, looking South
Coast Range mountains to the left.
Haystack way down there.

Ecola Park picnic area.
Looking to the West and out to the Pacific
Next land ... Japan?

Driving out of Ecola Park
Sunbeams breaking through after a heavy rain.

Sky Watch 

Not our usual view of the Olympic Mountains
but one from Camano Island, north of Seattle.
November 18th  5:41 PM

Olympic Mountains from Seattle
Clouds breaking before sunset
November 7th  4:35 PM
More sky photos to enjoy at Skywatch Friday. Thanks to Yogi for hosting.

Ship traffic in Puget Sound
Two Brothers Mountain in the distance.
November 7th  4:36 PM

November 10th  4:34 PM
Sunset over the Sound

A Postcard for the Weekend

We've been thinking about a postcard to include in this post for Maria's Postcards for the Weekend. Thanks to Maria for hosting. This week the theme is "Anything you wish." The card we are sharing is a very old one: Rain in the Face, Sioux Warchief. Here is part of what Wiki has to say about him:  "Rain-in-the-Face (c. 1835 – September 15, 1905) was a Warchief of the Lakota tribe of Native Americans. His mother was a Dakota related to the band of famous Chief Inkpaduta." Biography is here.

Rain in the Face
Sioux Warchief
Copyright 1904 by F A Rinehart

Back of the unused card.

Thanks for stopping by John's Island!


  1. John, it is good to hear from you. Your photo of Haystack rock, with the tiny person, really puts it all in perspective. Well done!

  2. Beautiful scenes in each of these pictures.

  3. John, you found some awesome sky shots again.

  4. Hello, beautiful captures of Canon Beach. Hubby and I have been there way back in 2012. I love the Oregon coastline and the Haystack Rock. Cute bunny and great closeup of the gull. Lovely sky shots. Thank you so much for linking up your post. I appreciate you comment too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  5. I love your sky watches. Particularly the streaking sun shot. Wonderful array of 'being there'. Kudos

  6. Ah, it's wonderful to find you in my news feed, John. I miss you when you don't post for awhile, and your pictures this time are just delightful. I am glad there was that person in the Haystack picture for perspective. Otherwise I wouldn't have known how large it is. Thank you! :-)

  7. Terrific pictures. The Haystack Rock is amazing!! Like the sunbeams coming through the trees and the sky pictures are beautiful.

  8. Wonderful pictures! I love how the sunlight shines on the sea on the 'looking south from Ecola park' photos, and the sun rays through the trees.
    And how good that you managed to get the rabbit and sea gull before the camera!

    I arrived at your blog via Postcards for the Weekend, and I think you made a great choice by showing a postcard dedicated to a native American, important historical person. I didn't know Rain in the Face, so thank you for having us learn more about US history!

  9. Mesmerizing photos John!!!

    thank you for larger look of the pics which beautified my day as after enlarging the image it felt hard to remove my eye specially from the first few pics !
    totally breathtaking!

    you have amazing eye and skill for photography!

    wonderful postcard John!
    and awesome shots of sunset ,truly magnificent!

  10. Your blog was absolutely fantastic!
    Great deal of great information & this can be useful some or maybe the other way.
    Keep updating your blog,anticipating to get more detailed contents.

  11. Oregon has such a fantastic and beautiful coastline.
    I haven't been up there for a while and I think it's about time I did!

  12. Hello John, in response to your comment on my blog -- I will definitely tour you around if/when you come to Singapore! Just let me know in advance :D About the postcard you shared for last weekend's theme, I'm always fascinated on how the Indians select their names! I'm looking forward into seeing more postcards from your collection!

  13. Well one thing for sure Oregon must have the most beautiful sea coasts in the world...:)


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