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Starting this post with the beautiful postcard above received this week from blogging friend Maria. She publishes an excellent blog and hosts Postcards for the Weekend at Connections to the World.  I really love this card. Information from the back of the card ... Artist: Joseon, 1825 - 1854. Entitled: Painting of Flowers, Birds, Insects and Fish. The card is printed by the Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea. Thank you Maria!

Saturday's Critters is a popular blog linkup where pictures of all kinds of critters are shared. Worth checking out! Thanks to Eileen for hosting!

Portraits of the Coast

A vintage folder of postcards published by C C Filson Co. of Seattle. Captions below the cards are the description printed on back. As a long-time collector of postcards, I can tell you it is quite unusual to see one of today's large retailers offer a little book of vintage image postcards. It was a delight to find this!

Tugboat MARTLE Aground, c. 1935
Nordic Heritage Museum no. 2012.084.001

Descriptions on the back of each card.

Most of the images are from museums.

Purse Seiner, 1942
Finn Lepsoe Collection
Nordic Heritage Museum no. 2005.018.015

Street View of Maritime Shipyard, c. 1940
Finn Lepsoe Collection, Nordic Heritage Museum no. 2005.018.029

Take a look at Postcards for the Weekend to see more interesting postcards other bloggers are sharing to the link up. Thanks to  Maria for hosting!

Tugboat Alice in Elliott Bay c. 1912
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society no. 1159-1

Chuck Burns working on the damaged cannery tender DECORAH, 1949
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle, WA
Museum of History and Industry no. 2000.

Wooden Boat BEAR, n. d.
Vanishing Generation Oral History Project
Nordic Heritage Museum no. 2000.090.005

Four unidentified men on the deck of a fishing vessel, c. 1914
Nordic Heritage Museum no. 83.023.002ae

Schooner PACIFIC, 1931
Photograph by Wolfer Printing Co.,
Nordic Heritage Museum no. 81.046.005y

MONONGHELA, the last tall ship to leave Lake Union
before the completion of the Aurora Bridge, c. 1932
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society no. 5902

Nordic Heritage Museum no. 1999.060.082

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society, No. 918-1

Nordic Heritage Museum no. 87.268.025

Recent Visitors

By way of introduction, the photos below are some captures of shipping traffic coming and going, Port of Seattle. We're trying to make the best of our view of the harbor and enjoy watching the ships. While we're posting the photos here on the blog we're also recording our observations for us to look back on in the years to come.

Colorful COSCO South China Sea
Arriving April 1st  2:27 PM

Bright afternoon sun limits our view of this OOCL ship
arriving in Seattle, April 1st  4:26 PM

Sky Watch

I love taking pictures of the sky. I'm always amazed at what creation has to show us on her ever changing canvas. For me, blogging is turning out to be an excellent way to keep a journal and enjoy again some sky scenery!

April 2nd  6:54 PM
Enjoy more sky photos at Skywatch Friday  Thanks to Yogi for hosting!

April 6th  7:16 AM
Clouds drifting over Bainbridge Island
Sunny on the other side of the Olympics
April 6th  7:42 PM
In near distance: Magnolia neighborhood
Middle distance: Bainbridge Island

About an hour before moonset on April 2nd
Two days after the last "blue moon" of 2018
April 2nd  7:14 AM
Closing thought ...
Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.
     Robert Brault

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  1. Just wonderful, as always, John. You might also enjoy today's Astronomy Picture of the Day at I gazed at the picture of Jupiter for a long time. :-)

  2. Those old postcards are something else, a snapshot of history. Great skyshots as well.

  3. Hello, John! Wonderful postcard collection. The photo postcard with the bird, looks like Shrikes. I like the tugboat. The last sky and moon photo is beautiful. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Thanks for the comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  4. You're right, John, those postcards are true treasures. Thanks for showing us both sides. It's fascinating to see the dates.
    And your Seattle photos are beautiful to this coastal creature marooned on the prairie...thank you! Of course I love the sunbeams best, as who wouldn't?
    Thank you, my friend!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. WHAT. Is that a tugboat on a wave or stranded and perched precariously on a rock?

    The saying at the end really makes you think!

  6. Who knew postcards could supply so much information. Great skies as usual.

  7. What lovely skies! That first postcard is gorgeous.

  8. Oh, I love the first postcards. I would be jealous if I hadn't received one myself! :D
    The vintage ones are also pretty. I like to send vintage postcards of places, especially if I know that my friends have been there.

  9. How nice of Maria to send you that beautiful postcard to add to your collection.
    Awesome picture of the sun rays shining through the clouds.

  10. If I didn't know better, I would think the picture of Tugboat Martle perched on the rock was Photoshopped!

  11. Hello John, these old postcards are amazing, I appreciate so much your fine postcard collection!
    Great Skywatch images too, and the ships are so interesting.
    Have a pleasant day, greetings from Turin!

  12. That's quite a collection of old postcards. I like your sky photos.

    God bless.

  13. Wonderful array of crepuscular rays!!

  14. Thanks for featuring the postcard I sent to you from Korea on this post, John! And thanks for sharing the back side of those vintage postcards as well. I'm always impressed on how the vintage postcards are more neatly labeled at the back than the newer postcards. Have a nice weekend ahead!


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