Saturday, March 31, 2018

So Old It's New Again

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Music Department

Back before iTunes, CDs, Cassette Tapes, and even before vinyl records, there was a way to enjoy some tunes without hiring professional musicians. We're talking about a musicbox. We rarely open ours and give it a spin, but when we do it still sounds pretty cool. I opened up one of those apps on my "smart" phone that is supposed to be able to identify tunes. It usually works well, but there was no joy when trying to find the name of the song we have recorded for you. Click the link below for SoundCloud and see if you recognize the tune. If so, do let me know in the comments. (Yes, there is a list of tunes attached to the inside of the top. If that list is correct, this may be "Spring, Gentle Spring" but I've never heard it before.)  I decided to call this, So Old It's New Again, because even though it's probably from the 1800s, it may be brand new on the World Wide Web today.

In one corner of the collection ... something different ...
a 72-note musicbox.

This is old ... but not sure how old.

From the Archives

Remember the popular blog linkup "Good Fences"? We had good intentions of linking up and sharing the photo below, but just never got around to it before the meme was retired. Maybe we were just 2LAZY2? We sure enjoyed Good Fences and hope the blogger who published it is doing well.

2LAZY2 Ranch
Near Henry's Lake, Idaho
Summer, 2005

Good Ol' Days of Transportation

This week's theme at Maria's Postcards for the Weekend is "Transportation." Below are a couple of cards from the collection, and we are sending the first one directly to Maria via the World Wide Web, be sure to notice the 3¢ stamp we used ... from our last post! : - )

Maybe the move to automobiles was not always smooth ...

Not sure who is getting the worst ...
the guy getting thrown or the folks in the car.
The critter on the card doesn't look too happy, but you can see happy critters at Eileen's Saturday's Critters link up. Check it out! Thanks to Eileen for hosting!

Back of the unused card.

Ship Watch

Ferries coming and going.
On the left enroute Seattle from Bainbridge Island.
On the right enroute to Bainbridge Island from Seattle.
Back and forth every day, 365 days a year.
In the background ... Alki Beach (West Seattle)
and far background ... Vashon Island

A bulk carrier vessel departing Seattle early morning.
March 24th  8:54 AM

Hyundai container ship northbound
March 23rd about noon.

Matson container ship southbound
March 20th  12:26 PM
USCGC Midgett (WHEC-726) is the twelfth and latest
 of the United States Coast Guard's fleet
 of 378 ft (115 m) high endurance cutters.
March 28th  4:54 PM

Sky Watch

March 18th  7:24 PM
The sunset on this day looked almost like a
giant campfire beyond the Olympic Mountains.
Check out Skywatch Friday to see more sky photos from other bloggers. Thanks to Yogi for hosting!

Sun setting into a cloud.
March 19th  6:51 PM

Mostly about the clouds.
March 24th  7:09 PM

Less sky and more wildflowers.
Taken in Montana in 2005.

Another photo from our archives.
A sunrise in Montana, 2005.
This is our choice for Easter Morning!
Happy Easter to all!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Wonderful post.I enjoyed listening to the music box as I scrolled through the post.I have no idea as to what the tune is, Thanks again for your kind words on my blog.I really do appreciate your visits. Have a Happy Easter.

  2. That is an amazing music box! I've never ever heard one go for so long. I didn't recognize the tune either but was so enjoyable to listen to as I looked at your pretty photos of the skies and clouds and ships. I came over from Connie's blog (Crafty Cottage) as always enjoy when you comment on hers! Those postcards are hilarious! Love the one of the car and rider being thrown into it. I always look for unusual or funny postcards when I go to antique stores. Marilyn (from Madras, OR)

  3. As usual a variety of excellent photos. The old cylinder players were quite the machine. There aren't many around.

  4. Hello John, another very fine post! I've enjoyed so much the fence picture, the music box, the postcards (and amazing collection indeed), the ships, the skies. All wonderful images.
    I wish you a Happy Easter!

  5. Must say I have never come across a music box around anyone's house, gramaphons yes and old record players. Nice selection again this week. Happy Easter

  6. Hello John, Happy Easter to you and your family. I love the postcard collection and the fence shot. The music box is great. I have been on the Bainbridge Ferry a few times to see my SIL. Gorgeous view of the flowers and sky. Thank you for linking up your post. Happy Sunday, Enjoy your day and new week ahead!

  7. Best wishes for a Blessed Easter.

    God bless.

  8. I always loved good fences photos! You've got a winner! Enjoy your day!

  9. Beautiful photos, John. So many I can't possibly comment on each one, but oh, how I miss the ocean and the mountains! Did I tell you I used to be able to see Mount Baker from my place in White Rock, BC? Sigh.
    And the music in your music-box photo is delightful, although I don't the tune. I remember music boxes, and player pianos, and console radios, and Dad letting me stay up late to listen to the radio.
    I hope you have a lovely Easter Sunday. Thank you for all the beautiful photos that elicit so many memories!
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  10. I remember your blog from a few years back! Hope you are doing well. Loved the music box! Lovely sky and water shots! And those postcards are so much fun! Another meme you could connect this to is Tom the Backroads Travelers Tuesday Treasures. Have a blessed Easter!

  11. Beautiful music!

    I played it for my husband who is the more musicial one of the two of us. His only guess was that whoever made the box also made the cylinder. My guess was something by Ozzy. ;-D haaa ha ha ha

  12. I listened to the entire three minutes and didn't recognize anything. But still it was pleasant to my ears. And those wildflowers and final sunrise picture just left me smiling! Happy Easter, John. :-)

  13. Lovely skies! And cool shots of the music box.

  14. Being a big fan of trains and railway transportation, I really love your first postcard. The second one... yes, it seems too dangerous. Thanks for sharing more postcards from your collection, John.

  15. Ohh my that second postcard you shared for the theme is hilarious, John! Geez, I know that sounds kinda mean for those passengers but I can't help but chuckle. Thank you very much for sending the first one my way through the WWW ;-) I hope you and your family had a nice Easter.

  16. So excited to see 2 photos from Montana in your post this week! Great choice for Easter!!!

  17. That's a long, long post!!! I forgot all but the music box! It's so amazing.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  18. John--I loved the old music box and tune. And thanks, too, for posting the stunning photos. They remind me of the artful photographs in the Arizona Highways magazine.


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