Tuesday, October 3, 2023


 Keep it or toss it?

I've got a stack of 45RPM records.
Remember these?
This one is a favorite. 😊

Back in the days, this is how it looked.
Maybe she is listening to 
The Wayward Wind
by Gogi Grant

It's hard to just toss these old records in the trash, and it's time consuming to try selling them online. The decision is even more complicated by knowing I can simply use a few clicks to listen on YouTube. Any suggestions?


  1. Do you have a local free cycle? That's where I'd go first. Give them to eager collectors.

  2. I have no suggestion but looking forward to any you may receive. I have about 400 LPs I need to clear out of my house in GA – not so many 45s. I heard that a second-hand record store on Music Row here in Nashville might take them, also a second-hand book shop might buy some. But I was told no classical music, however country music is no problem (have hardly any of those.)

  3. I had a bunch of them too. Tried selling them but ended up throwing them in the trash. No one wanted them. More people interested in the covers.

  4. It’s tough to let go of things we love and value so much. Good luck with it.

  5. I'm in a similar situation. there are things that are very hard to part with especially if they're just thrown away. The things we have aren't wanted by anyone even if they're in good condition.

  6. It can be sad to let things go, I remember listening the 45's. Take care, have a great day!

  7. There is a store here in Bellingham that buys them, at least according to the signs in their front window.

  8. We got rid of our collection a few years ago now, fortunately there was a store nearby that was happy to take them.

    You Tube is so handy when you want to listen to music.

    All the best Jan


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