Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

One More for November

Welcome to John's Island. We simply cannot believe how fast time is flying by.  Here we are at the end of November.  John's search for gold in the Golden Years continues.  In the meantime, he snapped a few photos of various scenes, just in the last few days, to share here on the Island. Thanks for stopping by John's Island.

Quiet, late afternoon in the city

Ducks on a log (yes the log is submerged about half an inch)

Always something different going on at Green Lake

Early, foggy, chilly fall morning

The weather brings out this little family

Did not see these ducks in the summer ... wondering where they spent the summer.

Evergreen vs decidious

No, not John's Island Headquarters. But nice old Seattle home on Capitol Hill

Like the afternoon light in fall ... from the observation deck at Headquarters

Rainy, fall morning at Green Lake

Some trees hanging on to their leaves

A young, or at least smaller, heron ... first time to see this one

Liked the morning light on the evergreens

Favorite place for late afternoon tea (and an old favorite shot from 2010)


  1. Even in late November there is so much beauty around. Thanks for sharing these images.

  2. thanks for sharing these! love the sneaky way of getting ducks in a row (use a sunken log). the raccoons are too cute!