Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dude Ranches - Big Horn Mountains

Experimenting here. In April, 1925, a railroad company published a travel brochure for those who wanted to visit the Rocky Mountain area of the US and see what life was like on a ranch. Only 15 thousand copies of the brochure were printed and it's hard to say how many are still around today, especially in good condition. One of them is here in the collection and we thought it would be fun to share it here on the Island. Rather than giving a few clips here and there we've scanned the entire brochure for you to enjoy. The reason this is a bit of an experiment is that it's hard to say what is the best size for publishing here. We'll see how it works out on various sizes of screens.

Here is Dude Ranches in the Big Horn Mountains, published by the Burlington Route in 1925.

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  1. What a lovely old pamphlet. Makes me want to explore the area. Reading the first paragraphs reminded me of a road trip I took years ago with a brother and our mom. We travelled east and back along Hwy. 84 (from the north to Portland and east to Pendleton) to see the famed Pendleton blankets. The route is filled with spectacular scenery and I would love to see it all again sometime. I remember seeing many plaques commemorating the Lewis & Clark expedition which I didn't learn about through history classes. Rather I learned of the expedition by reading "Sacajawea", an epic novel about the native woman who travelled with Lewis & Clark as an interpreter and guide.

    I didn't read all the pages of your pamphlet but I did click on each photo of each page. They open up to the perfect size for reading.

  2. This is a very detailed pamphlet! Great photography as well.


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