Monday, February 3, 2014

Ever been to Weede?

Postmarked June 16, 1916, Grass Range, Montana, 6 AM.

What you are seeing is the Grass Range Public School, two adults standing outside, the ground covered with a dusting of snow, and, apparently, someone's hat on the ground near the bottom-center of the photo. Don't ask me why the hat is there! John is an old school teacher so he appreciates a compact school building like this and probably without a lot of administrative interference. Were these the "good-'ol-days" of education? Was this a one, two, or more classroom school? Were the two standing outside the teachers? We just don't have the answers to these questions.

Let's take a look at the message side of the card.

Turned the card sideways to make it easier for you to read. (I know, I know ... you can just do that on your mobile device ... but just for desktop viewers!)

John is fascinated by what folks wrote on cards like this. There wasn't much space and it's almost like using Twitter. You just can't go on and on. Please let me know if you think I've made an error, but here is what it looks like M.C.H. wrote to Dora:  Grass Range Mont. 6 - 15 - 16. Dear Dora, Just received your most welcome letter in Winnett last night but did not have time to write a letter but will do so very soon. I am freighting coal from here now days for a steam plow outfit near Winnett. Many thanks for letters Dora, I received them both last night and will write you a letter as soon as I get the time. I think Carl Nelson from Weedy passed me today in a ford he had a lady along. Well by by Dora. My best regards to all. [Then on top edge of the card:] Excuse haste and card. Yours, M. C. H.

So, MCH received two nice letters from Dora, just didn't have time to reply, but did have enough time to apologize for not writing a letter by sending this card.  Just getting off the hook?  Some things never change, do they?  Especially interesting to note that MCH saw Carl Nelson pass him in a Ford, and, of all things, had a lady with him. Oh my!

Lastly, we just love where Dora lived:  Weede, Montana. Where do you think they got that name?

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  1. Interesting. I got my first 8 years of schooling in a small one room school.Grades Kindergarten to 8 were all taught by one teacher.Those were fun times.


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