Monday, September 29, 2014

North to Alaska [2014 - Day 3]

Thanks for joining us as we look back 3 weeks ago today ... Day 3 of our voyage Seattle to Alaska and return. Today's schedule calls for an arrival in Juneau about noon, so let's start with some pictures of the scenery before reaching port ...

Before Juneau

Dawn, September 8, 2014

Sunrise and the path of gold over
Alaskan waters

Low clouds are expected to burn off as the day progresses.

Lucky to have such good weather.

Cruisers want to see and photograph the whales.
There were lots of whales but most were
staying close to the surface.

Good example of glacial water vs. ocean water color

Juneau, Alaska

We arrived in Juneau about noon.  We had no plans for any specific tours and just decided to enjoy walking around town.  We do recommend taking the tram up to Mt Roberts, so that is what we did ...

Golden Princess docked in Juneau
September 8, 2014

Just the ticket.

Here comes our gondola.

On the way up.

View of Juneau from Mt. Roberts
Our ship is in lower right corner.

Downtown Juneau
Alaska State Capitol
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. You were indeed lucky with magnificent weather. And the view from the gondola is outstanding! Juneau is a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your adventure with me. I look forward to more. :-)

  2. I've always been told to go to Alaska in June and July, maybe August, but you couldn't have had better weather or views than what you have shared with us. Thanks, John!

  3. Gorgeous sunrise, and what beautiful views from the gondola!!

  4. love the path of gold shot and would love to see Alaska.. our friends went on this same ship about 8 weeks ago

  5. Beautiful series of photos. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.

  6. Love the difference between glacial and ocean water. So pretty. I too love to see whales in their natural habitat. Sometimes I get lucky and see them when I am on the ferry to Vancouver Island.


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