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Friday, September 26, 2014

September Skies

As September rapidly draws to a close we thought we would share a few photos taken this month featuring the sky.

Sunset September 14, 2014
Seen in Seattle via our peek view between
skyscrapers.  Olympic Mountains in
the distance.

Sunrise September 24, 2014
taken in Southwest Montana

Big Sky
The Madison Valley of Montana
September 23, 2014

Stevenson Island
Yellowstone Lake
Yellowstone National Park
September 25, 2014

What you see when you flip around after taking
the Stevenson Island photo.
Lake Hotel
Yellowstone National Park
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

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  1. Those are some beautiful sky pictures, but that Yellowstone lake picture is simply stunning! :-)

  2. Beautiful skies. Each sunrise or sunset is unique and beautiful in it's own way.I think that is why we just never get tired of seeing them. Have wonderful weekend.

  3. All wonderful. I'll never tire of looking at the sky!

  4. Oh my goodness, these sky posts are very unique. Wonderful job!
    JM, Illinois

  5. Lovely series of photos -- I especially love the three in the middle. My Skies

  6. Wonderful series of skies!

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    1. Oops...ok, deleted the above comment because I had only typed S and then accidentally submitted it. Sorry!

      What I was going to say...

      Stunning photography! What a beautiful world we live in.