Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This Summer over the New Line - Puget Sound Lines - To the East - 1913

Today, we wanted to share a railroad brochure from the summer of 1913. Although our summer has just ended, we found it interesting to look back to a summer in the glory days of travel were things were not always rush-rush and crowded-crowded.

For those of you who have followed recent posts here you may recognize, in the photographs, some familiar locations and scenes. The lines of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway traversed some of the most scenic parts of the Pacific Northwest along the route from Chicago to Seattle. 

One reason these antique publications fascinate us is the way railroads marketed travel at a time when travel was much more of a "special occasion" than it is today.

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  1. I wonder how these dollar amounts would translate into today's costs. It was not exactly cheap, I would think, to take these trips. What fun, though! I'd love to have been on one of these exciting adventures. :-)

  2. Great job with these, John....I'm going to sign up, but I want the old rate for the travel. These train routes are now pretty expensive.

  3. These photos and brochures make me want to jump on the train and follow that journey. So much to see and explore. It is too bad that trains are so expensive. I think it is cheaper to fly (and much quicker too) these days.


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