Thursday, July 30, 2015

Seafair 2015

The annual event known as Seafair is getting underway in Seattle, Washington, USA.  From our old postcard collection ...

Cover of a vintage postcard foldout

Seattle's Harbor
Seafair includes Fleet Week
and Parade of Ships

Railway Stations and Southern Business District

Famous Totem Pole in Pioneer Square Area
still there today!

Lake Washington Floating Bridge ...
A little more traffic today!

Annual event before Seafair was called
Golden Potlach which started in 1911
Seafair began in 1950

Blue Angels Arrival

The US Navy Blue Angels will perform an air show on Saturday and Sunday over Lake Washington.

First flyover Sunday evening July 26, 2015

Closer Look

Fleet Week is a part of this week's celebration ...

Vintage Card showing traditional Parade of Ships
A few of our photos of the ships in harbor for this year's celebration ...

Our photo of USS Boxer. This ship is LHD4 and arrived Tuesday
at Pier 90.

USS Boxer docking at Pier 90
Cruise ship behind is the Carnival Legend
Note sailors standing around edge of Boxer. 

Close up of #4 through spotting scope

U S Coast Guard 726

Another Coast Guard Cutter
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Afternoon John. How interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah, I will miss being Seattle this year!! Great post/photos, John!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Hello John, the Seafair in Seattle looks like a lot of fun! It would be cool to see the ships and the Blue Angels. The postcard collection is wonderful. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  4. The seafair sounds, and looks amazing hope you have a good time!!

  5. Great series of photos.
    I've seen the Blue Angels a few times. Amazing to watch.

  6. This must be a great celebration in your city. Great to see these boats and planes, coming together!

  7. I am learning about Seafair and its traditions, even though I won't see it I will enjoy it vicariously in your blog! :-)

  8. WHat fun shots!

  9. Great series of the seafair John :)
    We have such a thing going on here in Germany as well, it's called the
    "Kieler Woche". It finds place in Kiel and lasts a week. Many sailboats
    are participating, it's always fun to watch.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  10. oh, that sounds neat! love the old cards.

  11. love the boats. I should have done a stint in the Navy before college, way back in the other century (oh, that was hard to type)

  12. Oh wow! You get to watch The Blue Angels.That will be good.I sure would love to see them again,it has been many years.

  13. Amazing old cards, very nice post!

  14. Neat to see the postcards and the Blue Angels! We happened to visit the St. Louis Arch in 2010 when the Blue Angels were performing around it; it was pretty impressive!


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