Friday, September 22, 2017

Goodbye Summer!

It has been a unpleasant summer in Washington State, but not as bad as a few other places like Florida, Texas, and the Caribbean.

The worst, for Seattle, was the smoke, for days on end, from wildfires in British Columbia and Eastern Washington. Not to mention the excessive heat.

Summer ends when Fall begins in Seattle today, Friday, September 22nd at 1:02 PM! Bye Bye Summer!

Ship spotting through smoky skies ...

Smoke over the Marina
(and everywhere else too!)
August 4th

August 4th

August 10th
Still smoky!

Back to some clean air, September 18th
NOAA's Bell M Shimada
near Pier 91

Skies were smoky for days ...

Smoke sure created some unusual sunsets.

Looking out over the Marina

Smoke so thick it made the sun look like the moon at sunset.
Snapped right as the sun dropped behind the Olympic Mountains.
August 4th  8:25 PM

Some days weren't so bad!

August 21st

Impressed with the clouds!
August 11th

We liked this one!

August 23rd
We had a nice break from smoke around this time.

In the distance ... rainfall at sunset.
August 14th
After the wettest winter on record, we had the driest summer. Go figure.

It wasn't all bad ...

Had to wonder what this was about.
Circling over Puget Sound on Sunday, August 20th.
Our guess:  Filming for a movie.
Re the photo above ... Just a lucky capture. We just happened to be sitting out on the deck when we noticed the planes coming in from the west. We snapped a bunch of shots and this one is the best of the lot. The planes looked like they were going in for a landing at Boeing Field (just south of downtown Seattle). Instead, they circled up, around and headed north. Neither plane had any kind of military marking. They remained in close formation while in our sight.

Last visit to Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden
August 22nd
The hot, dry summer had the garden in decline.
But there were still a few beauties!

All's well that ends well?  :-)
Thanks for stopping by John's Island. Hope you had a good summer wherever you are!


  1. We had the bad smoke for only a few days. However, there were many smokey days

  2. Hello JOhn, I am glad the skies have cleared and the smoke is gone. Your sky shots are lovely. I love the dahlia. The last shot with the dog in the car is cute. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. They look like ghost ships with the smokiness!

    Love the sunset photos.

    My guess is the same as yours about the two planes: filming a movie. Otherwise, we would have heard about it on the news. A military jet escorting a passenger plane?

  4. It was dry and hot, but my tomatoes sure loved it. I'm so glad this summer is behind us, and I hope we're not in for another wet winter. Love the sunset shots, John. Nice to "see" you here. :-)

  5. We have had rain a couple times this week and our air is fresh again. Breathing is so sweet after a rain when the air is at it's best . . . of course breathing is good anytime, LOL.
    As always I've enjoyed my visit.
    Happy Autumn!
    Connie :)

  6. How time flies, right? Weren't we just talking (and complaining even) about the summer heat, and now it's Fall. Honestly, I'm excited. It's when the earth is much prettier.

    How are you, my friend?

  7. Very fine views, John.
    Greetings from Turin!

  8. Not good all that smoke for sure. The prevailing winds blow south?

  9. The smokey weather made for some great sunsets thought I would not fancy having to breath it in. Love the old car in the last photo. Have a great week

  10. I am glad that finally sky is smoke free and inhabitants felt relief now.

    wildfire are terrible always as sometimes we too see here some .

    Happy start of winters John!

    you sky capturing is always very outstanding and poetic . I am absolutely captivated by these stunning shots!

    The shot of ship in clean air is gorgeous

  11. All of the fires out west have been terrible.
    It does make for some great sunset shots, but hardly worth it. Love all your photos, especially the guy and his best friend, in the Pontiac convertible.


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