Tuesday, October 2, 2018

North to Alaska 2018 (9)

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Wednesday, September 5th
Another beautiful day with smooth seas as
we approach Kodiak Island, Alaska. 

We have arrived in Kodiak, Alaska, and stepped off the ship.
We are about to board a bus to take us to Fort
Abrcrombie State Park for a hike through
the forest. The bus ride is about 15/20 minutes.

We are on the trail through Fort Abercrombie State Park.

There are about a dozen of us on this hike.
The lady on the right, with blue jacket, is our guide.
She did an awesome job of telling us all about what
we were seeing. She lives in Kodiak full time.

About this photo:
Note the contrail. Our guide told us this: go home and, if you have a
good world globe, put one end of a string on Tokyo and the other on Seattle.
The string will pass directly over Kodiak Island.
This is, of course, the path international flights take and there are
quite a few of them. The locals love to watch them passing over.

Surprise: We get to see a history museum.
Check it out ... Kodiak Military History Museum

WWII ... Searchlights like this one were on the lookout for invaders from
several locations here on the Island. By the way, can you imagine ...
these things were remotely controlled!

Command desk inside the bunker.

Giant guns were installed.
Fortunately, they were not needed.

Our guide tells us about the turret the big gun was mounted on.
The turrets started decaying and the guns were set aside.
This one has been kept as a display.

Almost done with our hike and for a few minutes I'm
near the front of the group. The entire walk took us
about 2 hours. I would recommend this to anyone who
loves a nature hike!

Pulling away from the dock in Kodiak.

I like this photo!
Here is the runway for Air Station Kodiak
The largest Coast Guard Command in the entire
Pacific Area!

My apologies for adding so many pictures. It was a tough job picking out the ones to share. :-)

Back to my usual late afternoon work out.
Next time:  Hubbard Glacier


  1. Oh, I simply love the hike and all the pictures! It was a wonderful day, with perfect weather yet again! Thanks for sharing this with me, John. I am thrilled to see what you saw. :-)

    1. Thanks for another kind comment! So happy to have you following along!

  2. Hello, I have heard of Kodiak Island, was mainly for the bears sightings? It is a beautiful place for a hike, love the scenery and photos. Enjoy your day and week ahead!

    1. Hello Eileen! Yes, the bears on Kodiak are something special. According to our guide the bears here have a unique genetic makeup. They are different than most bears in Alaska. Thank you for commenting. Have a happy day!

  3. Oh wow! The hike through that park looks so lovely.I can almost imagine the smell of the trees and forest. Beautiful.

    1. Hi Ruth, Yes, I recall mentioning to our guide how much I loved the smell of the forest and the clean air. I would definitely recommend this hike. Thank you for commenting and have a great day!

  4. I don't think I'd like to take off on the runway if it was toward the mountain unless it was a very small plane that didn't need much runway.

    1. Hi Red, You are thinking the same thing I was. I had to wonder how easy it would be to take off in a larger plane here.


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