Friday, November 5, 2021

Seattle Walks and Bellingham Too

At the start of my walks I like to stop and snap a photo
to record sky conditions. Every day is different, some days
more than others. Photo above taken November 1st about
7:35AM. See if you can find the other human snapping
a photo at the same moment.

More Seattle Walk Snaps

Looking Southeast from my starting point.

From left: Expedia Group's green laser fascinates me,
Grain Terminal 86, downtown, Elliott Bay. Not
in this snap, further to the right, Mt Rainier.

Often, the beautiful sky colors last only a few minutes.

No, the gull is not photoshopped.  👦

The older I get, the more I appreciate nature's magic!

Mt Rainier on 4 different days.

Afternoon walk.
(Most walks start around dawn.)

Glad I had my sunglasses!

Wonder what those who carved the pole would say
about this?

Even in mid-day the sun stays low in the sky this time of year.

Hard to pass up the color on these leaves.

Happened to catch this grain ship both while loading
at Terminal 86 and as she departed Puget Sound.

Visit to Bellingham, Washington, October 28 - 30

Walked Bellingham's South Bay Trail 3 times.

The start is at a rather steep slope down to a bridge-like
walkway. Early one morning it was a bit icy.

Boulevard Park

Neat to see the Herons.

If you enjoy critter photos, be sure to check out Saturday's Critters!

Bellinghammers (is that what they call themselves?) having
fun on the water.

Hope someone from Bellingham will tell me about these
mountains in the distance. This is looking
north from Boulevard Park.
Must be the Canadian Rockies?

Tiny beach near Boulevard Park.

Onward to downtown after crossing the tracks.

Fire boat testing creating a rainbow.

Still trying to untangle the history but it seems this part of the
trail was originally a railroad tressel to a lumber company.

Chrysalis Inn was a great place to stay.

The railroad hugs the water's edge. The train is heading north,
probably into Canada. Some people would not like being
so close to a train. I loved it!

Saturday morning I spotted the Alaska Ferry at its southern-most
stop at the Bellingham Terminal. 

Friday night's sunset snapped from the Chrysalis Inn.

Back home for a few sky snaps

Sunset on a recent, clear fall day.

It's good to see a little snow back on the Olympic Mountains.
October 31st.

A very windy, rainy afternoon with an unusually high tide
created some interesting wave actions down at the Marina.
November 4th.

November 4th sunset from home.

Snaps from November 5th Walk ...

Walked in early afternoon. Nice sun break after rainy morning.

Always tempting.

Closing thought ...

Some people come in your life as blessings. Some come into your life as lessons.  
     Mother Teresa 


  1. The modern camera makes it much easier to enjoy the outdoors. We get much better photos and it's much easier to manage them. I particularly like your sky shots. Lots of great color and yes if you blink sometimes the color is gone.

  2. Hello John,
    Your photos and the collages from Seattle and Bellingham are just beautiful. Awesome captures of the birds, I love the gulls and the Heron images. You did great with the Mt Rainier collage, you had a awesome view of the Space Needle and the mountain and pretty skies. The fireboat rainbow is pretty. I like your view from the Chrysalis Inn. Bellingham's South Bay trail looks like a great place for a morning walk and afternoon walks. Great post and lovely photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, have a great weekend. PS, I appreciate your comment, link and visit.

  3. Hello, :=) and a very good morning to you from Portugal. I agree with everything in the earlier comment. Your sky shots are all stunning, and the colours can change from one moment to the next. How often have I seen a great sunset only to find it has changed, and not for the better whilst I have gone to get my camera.:=(

    You live in a lovely place, you can watch the ships passing by, and I might add, know a lot about them. Your early morning walks are full of interesting sightings.I would love to travel round the coast on the train, it must have the most beautiful views from the windows. Lovely views of the park, and the Herons were a good find.
    All the best.

  4. You showed a lot of interesting things. The sky shots are awesome!

    My latest post:

  5. Hi JOHN,
    You live in a very nice and interesting environment- thanks for showing us many of the sites. You will soon be expecting Snow there- or is it to close to the coast for Snow? Have a great week. Cheers. KEV.

  6. I love my walks with you and it's neat that you record the sky when you start. Love that someone else was looking at the sky at the same time too. And how I would enjoy being ON that train! It's my dream to take a trip by train. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Wow so many beautiful photos along your walks. I did see that person taking a picture. Amazing how fast the sky changes!!
    I'd sure like to walk on the bridge over the water!!!

  8. Very nice, the trees, the herons, the skies. Thank you John.

  9. John you showed us a superb collection of photos this week. I really loved the sunrises and sunsets, beautiful.

  10. I love the pictures.I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite . I also love the quote. I have to say that many of my blogging friends, including you, have come into my life as a blessing.

  11. Hi John, well Bellinghamsters are what we are usually known as. I have photographed those Canadian mountains from Boulevard Park many times. I can't seem to find their actual names, but I think of this as the North Cascades. If you find their names, let me know! :-)

  12. So much to take in and enjoy with this post. When we retire we have the time to absorb the natural beauty around us. You’ve seen some wonderful areas recently. Glorious Washington state. I love what you show us with every post.

  13. Bellos cielos, y lindos lugares. Siempre me gusta viajar contigo

  14. Hello John
    Another lovely post, I always enjoy your photographs and narration.
    I do like the gull in the photograph against the wonderful red sky, and what a gorgeous rainbow the fire boat test made.
    I hope you've had an enjoyable weekend, my good wishes for the coming new week.

    All the best Jan

  15. You have the best shots. Your area is so different from mine and I enjoy seeing your area. Have a great day, John!

  16. You sure have an eye for a good photo, John. Thanks for sharing the latest set of lovely scenes. I'm not sure what those living in Bellingham call themselves, although I'm pretty sure it's not Bellinghamsters.

  17. Hi John :) I love trains and train tracks...we rarely see them anymore and it's so nice to hear the horn once in a while! Nature surely is a magical place...all of your photos are lovely! :)

  18. i want to thank you dear John from the bottom of my soul for these awesome shots !

    these walks sound heavenly indeed ,i am always stunned with your love for snapping Nature and as beautifully !
    this is gift that has some only i think :)
    sky shots are spiritual experience ,so captivating!
    the sunset made the other photographer so visible due to angle of light
    .you are AMAZING and brilliant at showing moment to moment changing colors of the sky hats off to you!
    i smiled on your mention that you like being close to train track ,me either ,it does not bother me at all now .
    i agree that as some of us get old their love for Nature grows stronger ,i am on same page :) i realize more and more with each passing day that Nature and me are same and being part of such huge and amazing scenario thrills me most :) when i look at natural phenomena it's like i am making my way to thanking my maker who made me part of such wonderful show :)
    water bridge is so beautiful ,despite of all the cold you mention i wanted to stand and stare water and then sky for a whole day at least once :)

    thank you for energizing my day and soul with glorious glimpse of nature . health,peace and joy to you and yours!


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