Friday, December 17, 2021

Remember December


"Father and Son" water feature
down by the waterfront. Space Needle in distance.
Father and Son story via SAM

Cold, Dark Starts ... more snaps from my walks.

Lucky break -- After all night rain, my walk was dry.
December 13th

So far, I have not missed a day, in December, walking the Seattle waterfront trail. My walk is usually just over 2 miles ... it varies a little bit depending on where I turn around. Outbound is walking south. I like to stop at a certain point, every day, to snap a photo that makes a good record of sky conditions. Photos above and below are good examples.

Rain - December 7th

The green thing. Do they really need it?

December 6th

Walk the Walk 5 Badge
Earned on December 6th
For recording 200 walks with my Garmin watch.

Late morning start.

Afternoon start.

Mid-day start.

About noon on a sunny day.
Sun is low in the sky this time of year
giving a long shadow in the rose garden.

Not many walkers on this day.

Louis Dreyfus grain storage facility.
Trains bring the grain from farms in the mid-west.
The grain is stored in this facility until it is
loaded onto ships for delivery to international customers.
View Louis Dreyfus Corporation website.

I haven't seen Mt Rainier much in December.

Snapped at my "turn around" point in the walk.
A little more than 1 mile from the start and my
closest point to downtown Seattle.

Sammy waits for the grain terminal.

Wish I knew more about this military ship.
Could not discern any identification marks in the photo.
Snapped from home.

Fishing vessels at Pier 90.
Often here during the winter months.

Smiled at the ship name ... W-Original
Guessing that the boss said ...
Come up with something Original.

The W-Original is getting rusty.

I did my research on Google and believe this is a
Double-Crested Cormorant.

Love critters? Check out the best critter meme Saturday's Critters!

Gulls are so common in Seattle ... this one
seemed to be relaxing for a while.

Always enjoy colorful sunsets. These two are
snapped from home.

After a night of rain in Seattle, the next morning the sun 
illuminated the Olympic Mountains with a fresh coast of snow.

Very early start to this morning's walk.
December 17th

Holiday lights on some downtown buildings.

37 degrees as I walked past this ship at the grain terminal
this morning. 
(37 F is 2.77C)

Space Needle as seen from my walk
this morning,
December 17th

Closing thought ...
People don't have a strong intuitive sense of how much bigger 1 billion is than 1 million.  1 million seconds is about 11 days.  1 billion seconds is about 31.5 years.
          Amy Stoddard


  1. Awesome pix all ~ but that first one is breath-taking!!

  2. Hello John,

    Wonderful photos from all your walks in December. I love the views of the water and boats, Mt Rainer and the Olympic Mtns. Great captures of the Cormorant and the Gull. You do have a great place for your walks, gorgeous views and sunset captures. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I wish you all the best in 2022, a very happy New Year.

  3. Wonderful shots on your daily walk, John. I really like that quote at the end, it makes it quite clear what the difference is! Thank you for bringing me along on your walks. Congratulations on your award! :-)

  4. Hi John, I am stopping back to say thank you for linking up and sharing your post. You have been so kind leaving me nice comments this past year. Have a great weekend and week ahead.

  5. Lovely photos from your walks. Good for you for getting out there every day and walking. People who don't walk have no idea what they are missing. :)

  6. That's such a wonderful accomplishment for so many walks! Well done! And look at all the lovely things you see that so many never notice! Happy holidays my friend!

  7. Your photos not only keep a record but are beautiful images. I really like the sky photos. I guess that's what you get for getting out early in the morning.

  8. Enjoyed your photos. Such different scenery than what I see on my walks. I have only visited Seattle once (in 1979) and flew into Seattle to catch a bus to Vancouver for a cruise in 1988; it already had changed greatly. Beautiful pictures of the mountains and of sunset. And thank you for the kind comments on my blog. Alana

  9. That walk is a treasure. There is always something wonderful to see. Mt. Rainer is special in any weather or time of day and the ships are always interesting. Love this post, John.

  10. I have not been visiting blogs, but I had to check this one to get my dose of Mountain View’s. You did not disappoint. Merry Christmas to you.

  11. Hello John, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    The views you portrayed in this post are awesome.
    I wish you a happy Sunday and a great week ahead!

  12. Beautiful images as always. So many favorites!

  13. Hi John. Seattle is a place I have never visited therefore i enjoyed your walking pictures and seeing where you live. You make an interesting point about the millions and the billions. I think you should remind our respective governments.

  14. Hermosas imagenes adore la fuente pero las que mas me gustaron fueron las de tus caminatas y las d e las aves. Te mando un beso y te deseo una feliz navidad y un prospero año nuevo a ti y a tu familia

  15. Wonderful walks John! I admire your dedication in getting out there every day . You pretty much have the most interesting "regular" walking paths it would be possible for anyone to have, but I know that the weather in Seattle is not always conducive to pleasant walking. And thank you so much for sharing. I love the mixt of beautiful scenery and the fascination of the waterfront -- ships and marine commerce and the city scape and buildings. All wonderful.

  16. Beautiful photos especially first with the fountain

  17. Hi John!
    I heartily thank you for your so beautiful visit at ~ My little old world ~, I sincerely appreciate your lovely words!
    Thanking you for the amazing shots you share too,
    I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas with all my heart!
    XO Daniela

  18. Hello John
    You've done so well in your December walks, I have enjoyed seeing all of your photographs, especially the sunset ones, they are just wonderful.

    Enjoy the season, both Eddie and I send Merry Christmas Wishes to you and yours.

    All the best Jan

  19. Wow! Beautiful photos from your walk. Father and Son is very evocative. Thank you for the link. The misty rain photo from Dec. 17th and Mid-day start photo look otherworldly. Mt. Rainier looks quite impressive with the orange sky behind. One day when we are free to travel again, Washington is one of the places that is at the top part of my list :)

    Have a beautiful Holiday Season, John, and many more happy walks.


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