Monday, December 27, 2021

Snow Walk - December 27


First steps onto the path.

For first time visitors, I've been walking about 2 miles, almost every day, along Seattle's Waterfront Trail. I've been snapping photos along the way and sharing them here on the blog. Today's walk was my first, on this trail, with snow and ice. At start of today's walk temperature was 19F  (-7.2C)

Coldest day in a long time.
December 27th
A little after 10AM

I decided NOT to try walking down these steps.
Went back and took the longer way around.

Looking mostly to the east.
Grain terminal and downtown in the distance.
Both walk and bike paths are ice and snow covered.

I am curious about these ducks.
I'm pretty sure the large ones are
Canada goose ... but the small one?

Google tells me it might be a green winged teal.

After hundreds of walks without
snow this seemed like a dream.
Reality is weird at times.

No takers for the bench.
Some kind of critter went by.

Last evening at dusk.
My concern was for the little hummingbirds
overnight with low temps around 17F (-8.3C)

The thing below the feeder is a heater.
It is simply a small light bulb in a container.
It gives off just enough heat to keep the liquid from freezing.

This one is for my record book.
Total snow for this storm at my place ... about 4 inches.

Good news ... My hummingbirds made it through the night and are back again today at my feeders.


  1. Hello John
    What a wonderful walk I enjoyed from the comfort of my armchair :)
    Many thanks for your lovely photographs.

    My good wishes for 2022.

    All the best Jan

  2. Glad to hear the hummers are doing good.
    A beautiful walk in the snow. Do you wear YakTrax or some other kinds of ice grippers on your shoes?

  3. I believe hummingbirds are tougher than we think, but I'm glad yours survived to fly another day.

    That's a walk for the hardy, I'd say.

  4. That amount of snow with the cold must be a record for you. I wouldn't walk with that much ice. Walking in snow is fine but not on ice.

  5. The hummers must love your feeder with its heater. It looks cold in that snow but you persisted. Well done!

  6. Hello John,
    Looks like your morning walk was snow covered. I hope it is not slippery. Love the photos, the geese and ducks and your sweet hummer. Another duck similar to the Green-winged teal is the American Wigeon. They have the green eye patch and a cream forecrown. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead. Take care, enjoy your day and week ahead.

  7. Good to see the 4inches of Snow John- so alien to here- we never get snow no matter how cold it gets. Happy New Year to you. Cheers. KEV.

  8. It's so cold up here that the snow is fairly easy to walk on, being too cold to turn to ice. That comes later. Love your little hummers just plodding through the cold. We are at least 10 degrees colder in Bellingham. Both of our usual Thursday walks have been canceled because of driving conditions. Sun is out and it's 17F!


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