Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dahlias! [Part 3]

Continuing our January feature:  the dahlias of last summer.  Starting below with an overview of the dahlia garden.  The next photos were taken on August 8th.  Lastly, another overview of the garden.

The garden is located so as to be shaded in parts of the day.

The bees are often at work on the dahlias.

Delicate coloring on tips of each petal.

The petals will "unroll" in a day or two.

Red-ish colors are often seen in dahlias.

One of the brighter reds.


Don't miss the green bug


  1. Beautiful! If you hadn't told me, that fourth picture, where the petals are just beginning to unfurl, I would never have guessed is a dahlia! I enjoyed this walk through your summer garden. :-)

  2. I love all the variety in the Dahlia flowers. Each one is beautiful in it''s own way.I know I would enjoy a walk through this garden.

  3. There are so many varieties and colors it is just amazing. I am enjoying the garden tour. MB

  4. So pretty! I think they look really cool before the petals unroll too!

  5. I also like the transition pic. You always see the flower in full bloom, not in transition!

  6. The Dahlia Garden looks like a magical place to visit. John, your photographs are exquisite! So many beautiful shapes and colors captured here. The dahlia flower is quite lovely even when not in full bloom. How nice to view stunning colors and flowers in the middle of winter. Glorious post!


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