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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Camera Notes -- Courtesy of Santa Fe Railway [1941]

Many of you are into cameras and photography. If you were travelling on the Santa Fe Railway in 1941 perhaps you would have picked up this little folder probably available at the check-in counter. Be sure to click on the images for larger views and to read the captions.

The little folder unfolds into 16 panels on each side.

Here are some of the individual panels enlarged, starting with the cover ...

Fred Harvey Meals

 Courier Nurses

The Grand Canyon

 Old Santa Fe

System Map


Yosemite National Park

Southern California


Winter Sports

Tehachapi Mountains

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Texas Panhandle

Texas and Oklahoma

How did you like "Camera Notes"? Well, we didn't find any specific camera information. However, we guess they were suggesting these scenes for your camera (and throwing in a little advertising to boot!).

Shipping Update -- Saturday, June, 6, 2015 
Arrivals in Elliott Bay (Port of Seattle)

Freighter COSCO America ...

Cruise ship Crown Princess ...

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  1. i think it was a pretty neat keepsake - then and now. :)

  2. That was fun! I read all the text and smiled to realize I remember the "Aitchison Topeka and Santa Fe" line from my childhood. The clothes, the cars, and the fact that it's all gone now. I sure did enjoy it, John. Thanks! :-)

  3. That was really neat to see all the pictures.
    I love the picture of the freighter - what great colors.

  4. It is neat seeing all the places to visit. I like the shot of the cruise ship! Happy weekend!

  5. How else are you going to get people to ride on your trains? They make all these attractions sound very exciting.

  6. Fascinating photos,both the old and the new.

  7. So interesting the Camera Notes, with those pretty old photos. Very beautiful the two ship images, too.
    Happy Sunday!

  8. I really like the sepia tone of these photographs!

  9. Wonderful shots on the water today John. I really like the old brochure too. It is interesting to see what they have to say about many of the important cities in America. I also like the courier nurses. This would be a welcome addition to our trains today. The elderly always need help.

  10. Enjoyed the Camera Notes! Looks like plenty of good tips on a beautiful part of the world to tour. I thought it was very interesting how there were courier nurses. In some ways, the quality of life must have been better back then. We live in a different world now; we pump our own gas, self-checkout, etc. In some ways things have improved, but in others they have not.

  11. Like a walk down memory lane. Vintage things are beautiful.

  12. How neat you have the vintage travel brochures! So that's what all those Cosco containers look like as the cross the ocean. I see them on long, long trains here. ;)

  13. What wonderful vintage memories.

  14. I loved the camera notes...Very interesting!

  15. There seemed to be a lot of hands-on care in those days, the nurses, the meals with actual china (!) and the fancy dress. Everyone looks so refined. The last time I flew I wore flip-flops and comfy pants! :)

    1. Flew...ha ha... Ok, the last time I took a train I was also not fancy. I think I was about 13 and wore designer jeans and one of those t-shirts with different color sleeves. It was the 80's.