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Friday, June 12, 2015

Ladies Tour Yellowstone [1920s]

Here is an old photo from our collection of Yellowstone memorabilia. There is no information on the back so everything we know is just speculation from the photo. It appears the ladies on the train's platform are on a tour of Yellowstone hosted by Rt. Reverend ? ... we think that may be him on the right. (No pun intended.) The big round sign on the back of the train is known as a "drumhead" ... trains usually had their name and logo in this spot. In this picture we can read, on the drumhead, Yellowstone at the bottom and then, curving around the top Rt Rev ???? Tour. We tried to do some research to see if we could determine who the Reverend was, and some info about his tours. We guess the date to be in the 1920s or 30s. Even Google couldn't help us on this one, so maybe one of you may know more about this vintage photograph. In any event, the ladies all appear to be having a great time.

Ladies on the platform

She is holding something that may be one
of the very early fold-out cameras.
Curiosity:  We wonder if the lady in the photo above ever thought that someday, in perhaps a few decades, almost everyone would be staring into a little device just like she is here. Wonder if she ever considered a "selfie"?

We believe this gentleman is the Rt Reverend
hosting the tour.

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Monday, June 8, 2015
Unusually clear afternoon sky.

Trying to get Space Needle and Mt Rainier
in one frame.

Hanjin Freighter departing Elliott Bay
June 8, 2015

Sunset, June 3, 2015
Sunset time for today: 9:01 PM PDT
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  1. Love the old photo postcard John. I'm pretty certain the woman in your last photo would never have contemplated a selfie. My how the world has changed! I absolutely love all your sky line photos today. The view of Mt. Baker is magnificent. Hope you are having a great lead up to your weekend. I hear it is supposed to be much cooler. At least where I live so am thinking it will be for you too.

  2. Another awesome postcard, John! And I love the Seattle shots. The view of Mt Rainier is beautiful. And I love the last sky shot. Have a happy weekend!

  3. here we are, wondering who all those adventurous women are. :)

  4. Such a pretty blue sky and the sunset is gorgeous.

  5. Just to show how much difference just a hundred miles makes, our sunset tonight is at 9:13pm. And those old pictures are so much fun! Thanks, John. :-)

  6. I hope that we leave enough info so that we don't have a perfectly good postcard with little or no information.

  7. I love the old postcard, John...beautiful photos, too. :)

  8. Beautiful shots of the skyline and the sunset. I have been spending quite a lot of time recently,trying to capture sunset pictures.

  9. Great old postcard, John, with an interesting explanation.
    Very nice the Seattle views!
    Happy weekend!

  10. Cool old postcard and love the beautiful sky shots of the mountain and space needle. Have a great weekend!

  11. Very intriguing old post card, John. The ladies do appear to be having a great time. As for the photographer...they could not ever imagine that they could talk on their camera, for sure!

  12. I love those monochrome postcards, John!

  13. Love your postcard with the beautiful ladies! And the sunset is super! Great photo!

  14. Nice shot of the space needle and Mt. Rainier! Neat postcard...and now we know who started all this gazing down at devices -- or do we? Cool find!