Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mid June Update

Warm and sunny days have arrived in Seattle. (We know that sounds hard to believe!) We've been out for our walks and keeping the camera handy ... here are a few recent photos from our neighborhood.

Last weekend it seemed red was catching our eye ...

Really red wild rose.

And a few about to bloom.

Really red caboose we spotted down in SODO
(Close to downtown Seattle)
It appears to have been refurbished or is brand new.
Either way it has the historical logo of the
Great Northern Railway
and is also marked for current railroad

For those of you who are not into trains, have you noticed that you rarely see a caboose these days? Railroads figured out they could save a lot of money (or at least some money) by doing away with the job where someone just rolled along at the end of the train, in their own private car, so to speak, with the assignment to report any problems. Instead, they now use a little device that hooks onto the last car and reports status wirelessly to the train's engineer. Ahhh.... technology.

Getting back to red, some folks were seeing red ... although the thing was yellow ...

Polar Pioneer Drilling Rig heads out of Port of Seattle
for Alaska. Protesters don't like it for environmental reasons. Shell
says it's good and will help their bottom line and shareholders.
Either way it was interesting to see it go by.
Two big tugs were pulling and a
Coast Guard Cutter was along side.

To get some perspective on how big the rig is, take a look at the photo in this Seattle Times article. You can compare it to the skyscrapers in the background.

Then on Monday ... it seemed to be white ...

We found this white tent-looking structure at nearby Kerry Park.
Kind of ominous at first ... like something at a funeral.
No worries, just TV Anchors wanting Seattle to be the backdrop.

A couple of pretty big trucks parked in a No Parking zone.
Yes, they were the exception.
That is a large Up-Link satellite dish.

Or maybe green and white ...

Garbage container gives it all away.
It's all about the U. S. Open!
You know ... Golf at Chambers Bay
(But isn't that in Tacoma? LOL)
We do not know what the stepladder is for.
Kind of blue yesterday afternoon ...

Hanjin Namu Freighter at anchor not far from
the neighborhood.
We guess there is no space for them at the
loading/unloading docks a bit further
to the south.
One more shot this morning ... darker blue ...

Yes, it's the Namu again.
Notice the difference?
Tidal currents have completely flipped it around.
So now you've seen both sides of the Namu.
Want to see where the Namu is on a map? Click here. By the way, according to Wikipedia, "Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd is Korea's largest and one of the world’s top ten container carriers that operates some 60 liner and tramper services around the globe transporting over 100 million tons of cargo annually."  That is a lot of cargo for all you shoppers!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.  Where else can you find trains, ships, drilling rigs, flowers, and satellite trucks in the same blog post?


  1. i like your range of colors. :) really pretty reds! and it is a shame about cabooses being retired.

  2. I like the reds and blues. The red flowers are lovely and the blue water and evening color are beautiful. It is sad to see an end come to the cabooses, I like them! Have a happy day!

  3. Wonderful blues and reds and great captures for the day, John!! We do live in a beautiful part of the world, don't we!!! Yep, I hate to see cabooses retired, too!! Sad sign of the times! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Enjoyed your safari-ing about. Love any shots over the water. Color catches my eye like a magnet. Cheers.

  5. I like your range of colours too. Especially the red flowers and the blue of evening in your last photo. Such nice views of Seattle's harbour too. Have a wonderful weekend, John!

  6. You certainly have provided a variety of colors and objects today, John. Love the red, and it's really sad about the caboose. My favorite in color is the last blue.

  7. Those roses are very red. I have never seen wild roses in that color,but would sure love to.

  8. Hello John, I love Seattle this time of year. You know, my first five visits to your lovely city were sunny and beautiful. I was beginning to think that the people that talked about all the rain were just trying to discourage tourists. Then one year I went to the boat show at the King Dome, it was January or February, I don't remember which . . . and it poured! All that rain is why you have such beautiful gardens all summer long. I live on the other side of the mountains and I have been moving my sprinklers all over the yard, just trying to keep everything growing and green.
    I truly enjoyed your photos, thank you for sharing your lovely Seattle with us.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  9. Too bad about the disappearing cabooses. Don't they now just have a light at the end?

  10. Your post also shows us what you saw on your walk. There's something about ships that can stir our imaginations.

  11. Beautiful photos and I love all the colours...reds, blues, wow! :)

  12. You captured some brilliant reds in those roses.

  13. Great range of colors in these very nice pictures! Beautiful the red, fascinating the dark blue.
    Happy weekend!

  14. reds and blues and all the beautiful colors. the last photo is my favorite :)

  15. Very nice range of colors, John. I especially like the reds, which are notoriously hard to photograph. These turned out well. And the blues are nice, too. Yes, now I have seen both sides of the Namu. How many people can say that? :-)

  16. The redness of that flower though. Beautiful. Actually all the photos here are gorgeous.

    Happy weekend!

  17. You live in a very nice area with lots of interesting things to see x

  18. Rainbow of great shots today. I do like trains, and I sure didn't know about the death of the caboose. Now, that's just sad. Have a great weekend!

  19. Trains, ships, drilling rigs, flowers, and satellite trucks all in one post would be hard to beat! I like the red roses and the caboose. When my grandma worked as an artist designing calendars for the Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad, one year she asked if she could have a caboose instead of cash payment for her work, hoping to use it as a gallery. Since they had quit using cabooses, they had plenty of extras and initially thought they'd be glad to get rid of them. Unfortunately they had all been sold off by the time she was ready to get paid, so cash it was. Good to see a beauty around like that red one!

  20. pretty red flowers. sad they don't use the caboose anymore. sometimes I think we would be better off without all the technology.

  21. I love the red wild rose. Its beautiful.


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