Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art of Howard Fogg - Old Postcards [Part 3]

From our collection we continue with more of Howard Fogg's railroad art on old postcards ...

Please click on image for larger view.

Please be sure to see our earlier posts featuring Howard Fogg's art on postcards. In earlier posts we described the back of the cards and how we put together the views you are seeing today. After today's cards we are about half way through this series of old postcards and will have more for you in a future post.

Our first post is here.

Our second post is here.

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  1. they are really well done. a lot of detail.

  2. I have enjoyed this series because, not only are the cards great, I simply love trains!! Always my favorite way to travel!! Hope your week is off to a great start!! Enjoy! --- in spite of the weather!!!

  3. Fogg did a great job in showing life at another time. He achieves a sense of energy in his painting.

  4. All these things we celebrated once are now seen as old. Hmm...


  5. I really like the last one. An old steamer pouring out smoke is an amazing sight.

  6. I also like the last one the best, with that steam! :-)

  7. I can relate to some of these. Time certainly changes things. Always enjoy your post. Thanks for dropping by my place,.

  8. All very nice railroad postcards, John, so beautiful the locomotive.

  9. Hello John, wonderful collection of the railroad postcards. The last one is my favorite. Have a happy day!

  10. Hi John, thank you for your always much appreciated comments on my blog. I also am glad to have found you in the blogosphere :-)
    Many greetings from Italy.


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