Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Week of Busy Bears -- Sunday [early 1900s]

From our collection of old postcards ...

Busy Bear postcard Series 79 - Sunday
Busy Bear postcard Series number 79. The art is the work of Bernhardt Wall and the cards were published by the Ullman Manufacturing Company, New York, in the early 1900s. Series Title: The days of the week. Today's card: Sunday ... Going to Church. To see all the other days of the week and the back of the cards, please stop by our earlier posts this past week.

How did you like the Busy Bears?

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  1. What a sweet card. I love the Busy Bear series but pretty sure I wouldn't want to meet a real bear down the street, lol.

  2. Hi John, I like this Sunday Bear. Very cute postcard! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  3. I liked them all, and the feeling of the cards brought back a sense of nostalgia for the past. The world is so different today. Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  4. I like this set of cards.Now it's off to church for me.

  5. Aha, my prediction was right. The bear does look mischievous though rather than sanctimonious.

  6. Oh, yes! I do love your bears!! And what a great way to start my day!! Any day/every day!! Thank you so much for sharing the fun, John!! I hope you're enjoying your weekend!!! Wishing you a great new week!!

  7. I'm glad to see Little Bear going to church. : )
    I enjoyed the bear series very much!!

  8. The Busy Bear series is so enjoyable and interesting.
    Many greetings!

  9. I've enjoyed the bears! Seems like they do keep pretty busy--something to do each day.


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