Monday, September 24, 2018

Harvest Moon 2018

Nearly Full Harvest Moon
6:06 AM September 24, 2018

Tradition has it that this month's Full Moon be called the Harvest Moon. According to September's Full Moon will occur in Seattle this evening at 7:52 PM. The photo above was taken this morning at 6:06 AM just before moonset. The scene is looking out from Seattle across Puget Sound to the west with Elliott Bay Marina in the lower part of the photo.


  1. Looks lovely.No moon or for that matter even sun visible here today.Just cloudy and cool.

    1. Thank you Ruth! Cloudy and cool is fine with me. I'm still in recovery mode from our hot, smoky summer. There were many days I missed my blue sky and mountains.

  2. Hello, lovely capture of the moon and reflection. Beautiful photo! I hope our skies will be clear for the Harvest moon. Enjoy your day and week ahead.

    1. Thank you Eileen! Your moon photos always inspire me! Have a great day and a happy week ahead!

  3. It's been so hot here, I didn't even go out to enjoy this full moon.

  4. Ohhh, nice! I love the harvest moon and you captured it perfectly. :-)

  5. You have put a song in my heart . . .
    Shine on shine on harvest moon up in the sky.
    I love those old songs . . . 30's, 40's and 50's.
    Their lyrics are just sweet and make me happy.
    Beautiful photo!
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)


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