Saturday, September 29, 2018

North to Alaska 2018 (4)

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Yet again, I'm not your typical cruiser. On this day I'm up early to watch the ship dock in Juneau. I've already been informed of the day by the carpet in the elevator and I've taken a look at the Naturalist's board in the lobby. Next, I'm out onto the Promenade Deck to snap some pictures of the docking process.
In a few minutes time we will be docked at this location in
Juneau, Alaska. Note the forklift and a few people behind it in orange/red jackets.

The Captain has positioned us perfectly and let out the ropes to tie us up.
The guys putting the rope in place go through a very sequential process
as the rope itself is very heavy.

We're tied up and the gangway is being put in place.

The lady on the gangway is the first person to walk aboard. I
believe she is the "Port Agent" for the ship. It will be another
30 minutes or so before passengers leave the ship. Time now
for me to go up and have some breakfast.

Later in day this shot looks toward downtown Juneau.
The bigger building in the center is the Public Library. The crew
tells me they love to go there for free WI-FI. :-)

Looking in the opposite direction down the shore line. First time
visitors love to take an aerial tramway to the top of the hill on the left
for some pretty spectacular views of the harbor.

This seemed like a good time to show you my room. Kind of spartan,
isn't it? :-) Well, this is the way to go economically. Nothing fancy,
just the basics. This is called an "Oceanview" stateroom. By the way,
I don't recomment "Interior" rooms ... they are the least expensive
but sort of like living in a cave.

Mid day I walked into Juneau and it was raining. Again, don't
forget your raingear! People will give you directions around town
based on this clock.

Zaandam at dock in Juneau, August 31, 2018.
Note the statue on the far right and see another photo below. 

I've just finished dinner on the ship and stepped out on the
deck. We will be here until 10PM. Some cruisers like to have
dinner at one of the Juneau restaurants.

Curious and interesting statues along the waterfront take on
a fascinating look when lighted in the evening.

Walked around to the other side of the ship for one last photo
looking west to other parts of Juneau, the Capitol of Alaska.
Next time: Icy Strait Point


  1. The statue looks interesting - like the braided tail of a mermaid :) I've been camping in Alaska but never been to Juneau. It's so weird that the capitol of the state is so far off from the state.

    1. Thanks, Carola, for your comment. I too happened to think how strange it is that the Capitol of the State is far from most of its territory. Juneau definitely has a different kind of feeling than other Alaskan ports I've visited.

  2. Hello, Nice views of the ship, your room and Juneau. Sorry about the rainy weather. I like the statue and the night shot of the city. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Eileen! Have a happy day and thanks for hosting Saturday's Critters. I've got critters to share in tomorrow's post.

  3. What a nice place to visit, even in the rain. I'm glad you are walking around and taking pictures for those of us armchair travelers. :-)

    1. Thanks, DJan, for going along, and for your kind comments.

  4. Lovely pictures. I like that you show some of the ordinary and yet not often seen views.

    1. Thank you Ruth! I will try to keep sharing some of those not so often seen views. Have a great day!

  5. Replies
    1. Hi Red, You are so right. And, what's funny about that, is, I can't tell you how often I hear people say they don't want to try a cruise because there is nothing to do. I guess its like many other things, you've got to try it to see if you like it.

  6. Juneau is so lovely and beautiful weather!

    loved the clock most and serenity in last photo


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