Thursday, September 27, 2018

North to Alaska 2018 (0, 1, 2)

First 3 Days

For introduction, please see this earlier post.

Monday afternoon, August 27
Watching Seattle fade into the distance.
By the way, most cruises are sold "by the day." For example, this one is for 14 days. The cruise companies don't count the day of departure, or as they call it, "embarkation". So, in my title, you see 0, 1, 2 for the first three days.

Tuesday, August 28th
"At Sea" aka On the way, no stops today.
Every morning I snap the carpet in the elevator to
keep me and the photos organized.

Wednesday morning, August 29th
Approaching our first stop ... Ketchikan

First few passengers step off the ship in Ketchikan.
The building with green roof is the Visitor Center.

Stepping off the ship in Ketchikan.
The Zaandam is one of two Holland America ships in port today.

First stop ... Creek Street
Watch the salmon heading upstream.

Recommended: The New York Cafe.
After walking all around town, take a break and enjoy a
cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

A few blooms still holding on in late August.

Early afternoon ... about to reboard the ship.
The monument in center is known as "The Rock" 

Sunny afternoon in Ketchikan.
"Alaska's 1st City"

The Captain says we are about to depart.
I see a few passengers still in line to get back aboard.
It has been a treat to be here on a dry, sunny day!

Putting Ketchikan behind us and heading to Tracy Arm.
More North to Alaska tomorrow.


  1. Fascinating.It is one of the things I would love to dot go on a cruise, especially to Alaska.

    1. Hi Ruth, I really think you would love a cruise to Alaska. If I can be of any help answering questions for you feel free to contact me on FB. Thank you, as always, for your comments! John

  2. Not something that appeals to me going on a cruise, though you must visit interesting places. Weather looks a tad dull there, hope it cleared up. Wonder who gets to change the carpet each day

    1. Hi Bill, Cruising is not for everyone, that's for sure. You are right, however, you will see lots of interesting places. The thing I like about that is you only have to unpack once ... your room goes with you. :-)

  3. Hello, wonderful photos from your cruise. The Ketchikan photos remind me of our cruise to Alaska. We went off on a hike in the forest and still had time to walk around the city. Fun time, thanks for sharing your day. Have a happy day and weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, Thank you, as always, for your comments. I did do walks in the rain forest in Sitka and Kodiak. In Ketchikan I stayed close to the ship. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  4. Well, after this, I won't have to go on a cruise to Alaska myself. I'll be there in spirit, with lots of scenes in my head. So glad to see you back in my news feed, John. :-)

    1. Hi DJan, Thank you, as always, for your comments. I am happy to have you going along on this cruise but I have to say you really need to see some of it in person. :-) The Glaciers in particular! Have a good weekend ahead!

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