Saturday, December 4, 2021

Cold Arrived Seattle


Holiday Greetings from the Space Needle.

In this post ... most snaps taken on my waterfront trail morning walks, and a few snaps from home. Chilly weather has arrived. Starting Friday's walk (December 3rd) 37F (2.7C). First big snow in the mountains this weekend.

Just enough low level visibility to see Rainier.

Holiday lights atop Two Union Square building.

Note Seattle's "Great Wheel" ferris wheel at far right.

Curious ... what's it like to commute across Puget Sound?
Those passengers had to be up early!
November 29  7:13 AM

South entrance to Expedia Group along the trail.
Expedia spared no expense on their new campus.
** But, oddly, most employees are working from home.**

Cooler, darker near dawn = fewer walkers.
Seattle population in 2021 is estimated to be 755,936.*

Plenty of lights on this grain ship!
Wonder what crew life is like onboard.

Wasn't expecting this.
December 1  4:36 PM

I like the flag.
Do you know the country?
[*Answer at end of post.*]

Canada geese ... no need to quarantine.
Check out more critters at Saturday's Critters.

Fall colors captured along the walk.
(Flash on)

Sunrise sky.
December 3rd 7:37 AM
Snapped at start of walk.

Mountain touching clouds.
December 3rd 8:00 AM
Halfway through the walk.

No leaves but lots of red berries ... Hawthorn?

Cold but beautiful.
December 3rd  7:37 AM

Rainy start.
November 27  8:06 AM

Unexpected sunset.
November 29  4:26 PM

Another rainy start.
We are into the short days now.

The "Pacific Arrow" is sort of like the Official Port of 
Seattle Authority vessel.

Morning sun brightens West Seattle across the bay.

A late afternoon passenger only ferry heads to Seattle

Hummers at sunset.
December 3rd.

7 Rules of Life
Found on the World Wide Web

*The flag of the Marshall Islands, an island nation in the Pacific, was adopted upon the start of self-government, May 1, 1979. The flag was designed by Emlain Kabua, who served as the first First Lady of the republic.


  1. Hello,
    Beautiful captures of the sunrise/sunsets. The Mt Rainier views, the city lights and ships are wonderful scenes and photos! Expedia has a cool looking building, I like the modern design. Great capture of the Geese! The hummingbirds at sunset is just a WOW. I try to live by those 7 rules of life. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  2. It's so nice to see all the sights from your perch. And the hummers are still around! Thank you for the seven rules, too. :-)

  3. Such beautiful images here, John, and the light is gorgeous! It is amazing how the the same place can look entirely different from day to day if we but have the eyes to see.

  4. I like #6 and 7...and yes, I smile a lot! And I don't wait for someone to help me be happy. LOVE the sky photos this week and the geese. I know you'll bundle up and get out so take care! Love visiting with you every week!

  5. Beautiful photos along your walk. Wow those skies!! So nice to be outside on these crisp cold mornings!! Happy walking. :)

  6. What a lovely series of photos! I love the decorations on the Space Needle. As you know, I love all the mountain scenes as well. Thanks for your visits to my blog and for the kind words.

  7. Good eye to catch the lights and skies. Interesting how lit up each ship is.

  8. I like these beautifully captured photos, especially the sky shots!

  9. I enjoy reading the short notes accompanying your photos, John. You capture such splendid sky shots!

  10. Hermosas fotos me encantan las imagenes de las montañas . Te mando un beso

  11. Hi JOHN. Great photos there my Friend- expect you'l be having some snow there this Winter- stay safe and well. Cheers. KEV.

  12. Hello John
    Thank you once again for sharing some lovely photographs.
    I especially enjoyed the wonderful sunrises and sunsets, and the hummers at sunset is glorious.
    Enjoy these cooler December days.

    All the best Jan


  13. Beautiful captures of the sunrise/sunsets.
    Love your art
    Kiss nd hugs

  14. I love the mountain photo. With snow on it.

  15. Hi John! ☺ You still have hummers in December, that is awesome! The photos of Mount Rainier always amaze me! Love the sky photos too!


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