Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15 - Sunrise and a hatch?

Today's sunrise at Green Lake ...

And something like a "hatch" ?

From fly fishing we know about hatches. Well, this is when bugs have more bugs and the new ones are called a hatch. Usually there are a lot of them. Around Green Lake these little bugs are around some mornings ... about the size of gnats, although we don't really know if that is what they are. Anyway, with the light hitting them just right it's easier to see them.  The second picture is a close up that shows the amazing number of these little insects.

Finally ... an appealing form of exercise ...

Thanks for stopping by John's Island and a special thanks for the kind comments!

At John's Island our current endeavor is to walk daily the 3 miles around Green Lake. If we find anything we think is interesting we share it here on the Island. John probably owes the encouragement for this endeavor to his grandmother who kept a wonderful daily diary during most of her adult life. 


  1. wow! you caught that 'flock' of bugs in the light just right! :)

  2. Yuk on those bugs! The rowing really does look appealing. Seems very peaceful.


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