Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd Walk Around Green Lake

Yet another pretty sunrise to start the day.

Yes, you'll have to look closely (below), but those are a few folks swimming the lake. The thought occurred that more people are showing up for the walk ... Is it the Olympic effect? Ha ha.  Anyway, Green Lake is a good training ground for several of the Olympic sports!

And some more comments ....
Thought about saying something to a fellow walker ... that's a nice Nikon, but geez ... a lot to carry around.  It would be interesting to compare the Sony RX100 photos side by side with the Nikon. 

Guess this guy doesn't qualify as a "lifeguard".......

Finally, finishing our walk we noticed the geese getting their day started ...

Many thanks to those of you who are leaving me the kind comments ... They are appreciated! To everyone ... Have a fine Thursday and thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. very cute photos. love the gorgeous scenes across the lake. :)

  2. This is certainly a great place to walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.