Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1941 Yellowstone July 7

We are taking a look at the memory book created by Charlotte Isham after she and Anne Hausmann (two young school teachers) took a road trip of over 11,000 miles across America in 1941.  The journey begins here and continues, on July 7, as they reach Yellowstone Park below ...

July 7

In 1941 the Park wanted people to stop feeding the bears.
It had been a common practice in earlier years.
Some of the photos below look like feeding
from cars was still happening.

In the album there are only a few photos of Charlotte and
Anne.  We think this one is Charlotte. We wonder
what kind of car (parked behind) they
were driving.

We think this is Anne.

In 1941 Charlotte says the bears stop traffic.  But not so many
cars can be seen.  Today, a bear sighting like this might
stop a hundred or more cars.

Were some people feeding bears from their cars?

Interesting to compare to the crowds that wait for
Old Faithful today.

Into Montana

July 8th ... they're outta the gate!
The "gate" being the Roosevelt Arch seen in the clipping above.
We featured more on the arch in April, 2011
Our earlier post with photos of the Roosevelt Arch

West of Helena, Montana

Near famous Flathead Lake area

Continue with July 9 --> 12

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  1. They certainly documented their trip nicely!!

  2. It is interesting to see all the changes,but Old Faithful is still Old Faithful.

  3. So interesting to see how life/things change over time. These two women really did an extraordinary job of documenting their journey.

  4. Wow! What a great post. The young ladies really had a fantastic trip and covered so much territory. That was great for them especially in the profession they were in. I would love to see Yellowstone some day. Those bears are absolutely ginormous!

  5. Great photos and postcards of a wonderful place in the USA! I remember our trip with you and Barb to Yellowstone and places in Montana. What fun we had and a great tour guide...John Robinett.

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments! As many of you will know, I collect Yellowstone memorabilia. Found this memory book/scrapbook on eBay several years ago. I have never seen another one quite like it. Charlotte must have been fully into scrapbooking as a hobby. The clippings, comments, and photos are arranged so carefully and organized so well ... it really amazed me the first time I looked at it. (After looking the whole scrapbook over carefully, I'm still not positive which lady created it, but most likely it was Charlotte.) I wonder if either of the ladies are still alive. I would love for them to see this posting.


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