Friday, January 31, 2014

1941 Last Portion

In 1941, two young school teachers from Connecticut took a road trip of over 11,000 miles across the US to the Northwest, down the West Coast, and back home across the South. After returning home, one of them, Charlotte Isham, put together a memory book of clippings, post cards, and other memorabilia to commerate their trip. This month we have been featuring the memory book here on John's Island.  Our feature begins here and ends today with the final portion of their trip. We hope you've enjoyed going along with us to see what travel was like some 70+ years ago.

The Alamo

Blue Bonnets and Long Horns

Man O' War

Home Again


Superlatives Seen Page 1

Superlatives Seen Page 2

Charlotte's Trip May

To all of you who have followed my publication of this scrapbook and left me the kind comments, I would just like to say thanks.

See you in February!


  1. You know it's a different world today when the trip makes headlines! I did enjoy it, John. You did a great job of chronicling the adventure.

  2. Some very lovely postcards and photos. I especially enjoyed the long horn steer. It is certainly clear how it got it's name. I also really like the old post cards of New Orleans; a place I've never had the chance to visit.


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