Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9th Heavy Loader TERN

First spotting of Heavy Loader vessel Tern
Early arrival in port about 06:10 today.
Our photos of ships are taken from Seattle looking over Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, Washington, USA.

Closer look at the Tern
This vessel is owned by Dockwise.
Our first thought was ... That ship looks strange!

Screen Capture from Dockwise website
showing Tern Info

Screen Capture from Dockwise website
showing pretty amazing load on the Tern
Curious: How do they load & unload something this big?

China Shipping Line CSCL America
Container Ship
Arrived in port Sunday, May 8th, about 2:50 PM

Screen Capture from
showing CSCL America info

Fuel vessel Shauna Kay, registered in Portland Oregon
From Sunday's walk ...

Definition of "wallflowers"?
Now, IF YOU WANTED those poppies to grow there ...
would they? :-)

Raindrops on Blue Iris

Dark Purple Iris
How do you like the almost iridescent parts of the bloom?

Pink Rhododendron
Gotta do a "Rhody Special" post one of these days.
The Rhododendron is the State Flower of Washington.

This Iris is growing right over the sidewalk.
Loved the colors on this one!
Awesome Aurora in Seattle early Sunday morning ...

The two images below are Screen Captures from Twitter. The photos were taken and posted by the National Weather Service in Seattle. The auroral display, early Sunday morning, May 8th, was called one of the best in recent years. Seeing the aurora in Seattle is rare! Sadly, we slept right through it. Many thanks to those folks at NWS for sharing their photos!

Photo by @NSWSeattle

Photo by @NSWSeattle

Thanks for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Containers revolutionize transportation. No more rail boxcars, just incredibly long flatcars with containers.

  2. Amazing pictures. Those are HUGE ships.They contrast nicely with the gentleness of the flowers.I like the Poppies just growing where they want to.

  3. Hello, you have a beautiful view of the ships. The flowers are all gorgeous. Wow, I would have loved to see the Northern Lights. Wonderful collection of photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  4. Fantastic aurora! You sure are teaching me a lot about ships. :-)

  5. Heavy loader is interesting, I also wonder how they unload? Enjoy the Iris pictures.

  6. I cannot imagine how something that large is loaded and unloaded from that ship. AND, that the ship sails right along!

  7. I like the container ships with their pretty colors.
    Beautiful spring flowers from your walk.

  8. I would really love to see that aurora display myself. I think it's one of the most beautiful things nature does.

    Of course the flowers are so pretty here.

    And I remember last weekend we went to an island and we had to ride a ship (among many things we rode for the travel). It's okay but I don't think I ever enjoyed those kinds of ride, no matter how short. :P

  9. The whole post is so enjoyable, thanks for sharing these beautiful images!


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