Monday, May 2, 2016

Your May Fortune [1907]

From our old postcard collection ...

"You are extremely vivacious, are tactful, and know
how to use diplomacy."  Now I wish I was born in May! :-)

Who first behold the
light of day
In Spring's sweet
flowery month
of May,
And wear an Emerald
on their breast,
Shall be beloved,
happy and blessed.

Golly, we guess you are lucky if you're born in May! By the way, Seattle is the "Emerald City"!

The Global arrived ...

Our photos of ships are taken from Seattle looking over Elliott Bay, Puget Sound, Washington, USA.

Hyundai Global heading our way early Saturday morning.

The Global was built in 2009

Flag = United Kingdom
Is there perhaps something aboard destined for you?

Arriving Seattle from Shanghai, China
Remember when people laughed about "Made in China"?

Unusually close to our side of the Port

First Cruiseship 2016 Season ...

Nieuw Amersterdam
Holland America
Arrived April 29th
First cruiseship of the 2016 Season
A couple of ROROs ...

Elektra Vehicles Carrier
Wallenius Wilhelmsen
RORO = Roll On -- Roll Off
Maybe your new car is on here?

Hestia Leader
Vehicles Carrier
NYK Shipmanagement - Singapore

More ships ...

Matson Container -- smaller as compared to others

OOCL Rotterdam
Olympics in the background.

Foreground = Victoria Clipper (Seattle - Victoria, BC)
Middle = Washington State Ferry
Behind the Ferry = Blakely Rock (better be on your navigation chart)
AND a tiny sailboat ... Do you see it?

Flowers from Sunday's walk ...

Shades of Green
Not EXACTLY "flowers" but close ...


Yellow 1

Yellow 2

Yellow 3
Which of the Yellow do you like best?

Skies from last week ...

Thought this dramatic.
April 28th sunset.

Love rays of sunshine.
Not a "Blue Moon" but a moon surrounded by blue!

Almost Full Moon setting into the Olympic Mountains in the west.
April 20th

Great Blue Heron ...

From Sunday's walk ... he/she was in a tree right above the walkway.
Appeared to be feeding on bugs in the tree.
Didn't seem worried about us.
Unusual to get this close ... wish the lighting was better!

Thanks for stopping by John's Island


  1. Hello, nice cards for your collection. The ships are great, the one reminds me of our Holland American cruise to Alaska out of Seattle. I love the pretty flowers and the heron. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  2. I like the ships John. They are great. And the bird ... wow. Beautiful.

  3. Lots of variety this morning on the blog. I would so enjoy watching the ships. My hubby was born in May, has a birthday on Thursday.

  4. Thanks for this fascinating post. I do enjoy seeing the ships and the mountains in the background.Have a great week my friend.

  5. So much in this post I think I forgot the first part once I got to the end... great skies, ships, and lunar shots! :-)

  6. Lovely blooms and terrific skies.
    I was born in May but that sure doesn't sound like me!! : )

  7. I don't know which photos I like the best! I like seeing the pictures of ships. Not something I get to see in my landlocked area.

  8. Lots of variety here. You've been hard at work.

  9. Lovely flowers and sky shots!

  10. Thanks for Visiting my Blog John. Yes I'm a Brit but there is more Irish in me than English, I was just born here. The wall you showed was very neat and I have never seen one like it before and like I said would have taken a lot of skill to do. Like your photos this week especially the flowers.

  11. Great variety in this post, John. All so beautiful, from the fascinating old postcard about May to the interesting ships and pretty flowers and amazing skies. So nice the photos of the moon!
    Many greetings, have a pleasant weekend!

  12. I really enjoyed all your photos, John! I find it fascinating to see all those vessels and wonder about their cargo and all that movement of stuff in our modern world.
    How interesting to learn that Seattle is known as the Emerald City! Now I'm curious as to this seemingly Irish connection!
    Lovely sky shots too!
    Happy weekend!


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